April 24, 2024

30 Prophecies Of Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In January 2024

30 Prophecies Of Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In January 2024



‘’ The president will be doing everything possible to make sure the country is safe. I foresee that the warship of Russia will be attacked and the country will have political problem.’’

29 Pipeline Explosion: There was a pipeline explosion that led to the death of 20 people in Rivers state. On page 17, Primate Ayodele warned against explosion and fire outbreak at any of Nigeria’s pipelines.

‘’ Let us pray against fire outbreak on our Oil Pipelines in Nigeria.’’

Likewise, the explosion at Fab noble filling station in Lagos yesterday fulfilled the prophecy of Primate Ayodele. On page 41 of the prophecies, he warned of an explosion in any filling station.


‘’Some communication companies will lay off their staff as revealed by God. Let us pray against tanker explosion and filling station explosion that will cause fire outbreak’’

30 Japan Earthquake: Thousands of people in Japan spent their night in evacuation centres after a powerful earthquake.

Four people are confirmed to have been killed, the Kyodo news agency reports, and dozens of others were injured.

This unfortunate incident happened exactly 48 hours after Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees an earthquake in parts of Africa, Asia and Europe in 2024.

‘’I am seeing earthquakes in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. Let’s watch about this.’’

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