AREMU ABOSEDE, better known as ITUNU ABOSEDE is a nollywood producer cum actor with several movie productions to her credit. she started her acting career in 2002, under the tutelage of the polularly known movie veteran actor ogun majek. in this chat with bidemi amzat, she opened up on all challenges with marketers, celebrities social media fake life and more.


1. Who is Itunu Abosede? 
My name is AREMU ABOSEDE ADEPATEbetter known as Itunu Abosede. I am the CEO of Itunu Global Ventures which was registered in 2012.

2. When & how did you started your acting career professionally? 
i started my acting career, professionally since 2002 in Ibadan from Gbolagade Akinpelu, populary known as Ogunmajek.

3. How many movies have you produced so far?
My movies so far are: omoge fajik, omo oko mi, atarodo kan, pata pupa, olomo merin , ijiya irawo which is coming out soon.

4. Apart from acting, what other business are you into? 
yes, am also into boutique business (shoes and bags), I sells palm kanel, sesame seeds and sher nut


5. If you have the power to change something in Nollywood, what would that be?
what  I will love to change is the mentality of some movie marketers, as its not encouraging for a producer to work so hard with a movie production and at the end of the day, marketer refuses to pay as at when  agreed or not wanted to. they should at least support the dream and not the other way round.

6. With your experience with movie marketers, would you prefer shooting a cinema movie?
yes, i think that is the best option, based on my experience with movie marketers. i will prefer to shoot a cinema movie because majority of them are debtors.

7. What are your challenges as a movie producer for many years now? 
i face many challenges, my first movie was deleted  by my editor due to his carelessness, but when i decided to re-shoot, it does not meet up with the standard of d first .

8. Do you support fake life on social media as a celebrity? 
No, am not in support of fake life.that is even what i hate most, i always cut my coat according to my size.

9. What should we expect from you soon? 
expect good job from me soon, an educative movie and a good job that will go viral by his grace

10. Message to your fans.
i really appreciate you all  my fans both home and abroad, thanks for watching my movie on internet,  thank u so much may God enrich your pocket , love u all.

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