Popular Lagos man of God Dr Chris OKAFOR has called on all Christians around the world to take a bold steps in determining how the world will become a better place for them in terms of good Governance.

The senior Pastor at Grace Nation internation aka Liberation city Dr OKAFOR speaking at the midweek Prophecy.Deliverance and Healing service (PHD) said it is time for Christian to choose to make difference in Leadership.

The Lagos popular radical prophetic preacher recently beseech Christians to be ready to take part in the decision making for the country through registration of their voters card said, the decision of the country is too serious to be left in the hands of canal politicians, who are only concern about their pocket not minding what is the faith of others and poor masses.

The Generational prophet of God as he is fondly called said the devil is powerless except you give him chance to rule over your affairs, saying further, with daily knowledge about the words of God and commitment through fasting and prayer, the devil and his principals cannot come near you let a lone taking part in the decision making of the country.

The Apostle of altars concluded that for the country to be in a better places for all in terms of good dividend of democracy the Christians must choose to make difference, Dr Chris Okafor remarks.

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