It is believed that many students don’t’ know why they go to school, not knowing they go to school to pay for their ignorance, paying for what they don’t know. What you don’t know is as a result of your ignorance. Just like everything in life, the need to train and retrain makes one a professional. Having this in mind, Courage Igene has bridged the gap in America by establishing an online ministry training taken by the comfort of your home, called “Joshua Generation School Of Ministry”(JGM), where Christians, Organizations and Churches can send their workers and ministers to have an in depth experience on how ministry can be managed effectively which vision is ‘Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry’ as he confirmed it from the Holy Scripture in (Ephesians 4:12).

Courage Igene, who is the Apostle of All Nations Churches, also the President and instructor of the said ‘Joshua Generation School of Ministry’ has made it easier for everyone all over the world to participate in the School of Ministry who said that it is an Online Ministry Training Institute with over 60 courses taken in a two year period biannually, session by session within a period of March to June & September to December. He is hereby set to kick off the second session of the School Of Ministry slated to commence from September to December 2020. Its a school for Missionaries and church planters come to be trained on how to grow their ministry. Sitting at the comfort of your houses enjoying the online training courses with benefits after courses are: A Cap and Gown Graduation Banquet organized for all successful students at the end of the semester with certificate of completion awarded and prayers of impartation released in areas of Ministerial calling. And Joshua Generation School of Ministry has given birth to many General Overseers of some ministries doing great exploits for the kingdom.

According to the host, Courage Igene who has an in depth knowledge of the ministerial work as itinerary preacher and a teacher of the word has an outline 5 dimensions of the training courses, they are- ‘Administration! Spiritual! Ethics! Practical! Theology! Some of the courses includes The Ministry of the Minister, Keys of an Effective Minister, Biblical Doctrines, Homiletics, Hermeneutics and Exegesis, The Pulpit Ministry, Dos and Don’t of the Pulpit Ministry, Understanding Ministry Gifts and Callings, The 5 Fold Ministry. A bonus course is also introduced which will be handled by Dr Tanya Mays Jeune & Dr. Vivian Godwin (The Ministers Health). While Courage Igene is the primary instructor of all classes.

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