February 28, 2024

Creative Industry Group Wins Voice Of Integrity Achievement Award

Creative Industry Group Wins Voice Of Integrity Achievement Award

In barely less that a year the Creative Industry Group is being recognized and was nominated  for the Voice of Integrity Achievement Award.


In a media chat with Felix Duke who doubles as the visioneer as well as National President, he expressed how he has been humbled by this recognition and how his team will continue to strive in ensuring that the vision of The Creative Industry Group is achieved and maintained. In his words “I am deeply humbled by this recognition.

The journey hasn’t been in anyway easy but in less than a year we’ve been able to establish chapters in the 36 states including the FCT.

We are committed to ensuring our vision springs into reality and this award isn’t just a catalyst but a confirmation that we are threading the right path.  In a country where posterity and legacies aren’t found in our daily vocabulary, my team and I  and by the Grace of the Almighty will ensure we do all we can to leave a legacy that will not just outlive us but will become the blueprint for generations yet unborn to build upon.

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