February 28, 2024

Gonow Tours CEO,  Ishola Highlights Importance Of Heritage Sites As Holiday Destinations

Gonow Tours CEO,  Ishola Highlights Importance Of Heritage Sites As Holiday Destinations





As the holiday season gets underway, a non-governmental organisation, Gonow Travels and Tours has advised Nigerians to use the opportunity to enjoy memorable experiences by visiting heritage sites across the country.

According to the tour’s CEO Okikiayo Ishola, Nigeria has numerous monuments and iconic natural sites designated World Heritage by the UNESCO, where people can visit and come away with rich experiences to last a lifetime.

“With another holiday season already upon us, together with the familiar rush to shop for gifts, I want to urge Nigerians to choose to create meaningful memories and to share an unforgettable experience with their loved ones, instead of giving a physical gift,” Ishola said in a statement.

She cited popular attractions like Osun-Osogbo sacred grooves; Yankari Game Reserve; Olumo Rock, Idanre Hill, Ogbunike Caves, Anambra; Mary Slessor home in Calabar amidst many others, adding that visitors will not only have fun but also broaden their knowledge, perspective and better appreciate the country’s various cultural sites and monuments.

Gonow, which has been in the travel business for over five years, is a trusted and reliable agency known for providing its clients competitive vacation packages, visa-processing assistance, flight booking, such as to Jerusalem, umrah and Hajj packages.


The CEO, who got into the industry as a total newbie, said despite the country’s present challenges, the business is a multi-million-dollar business and highly lucrative. She, however, notes that it is not without its challenges.

Ms Ishola recalls her first few years in the tour business was “like a rollercoaster,” and that travel business is not one you wake up to just jump into and expect all kinds of results.
“My first three years was full of lessons both good and bad. I got to meet different kinds of people all over the world, sometimes good experience and some bad. Had days of losses and days of profit.”

She explained that the growth her company is witnessing today is because of her effort. “I learnt from my mistakes. I also learnt to train myself to understand/meet the clients’ needs and expectations, even staying calm where a client is uncooperative. These helped the business grow in all ramifications, for which I am grateful today.”

While reiterating the role customers play in making one’s business a success, Ishola further cited integrity, accountability, being adaptable, constant improvement of ones services and avoiding extravagance as key factors for sustainability and productivity of the business.

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