February 28, 2024

Grace Nation: Consistency in Prayers Pulls Down Veils and Turns Situations Around – Dr. Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: Consistency in Prayers Pulls Down Veils and Turns Situations Around – Dr. Chris Okafor


…Veils make you Labour without result to show for it


Not until the Veil is broken or turned, People remains in affliction and the situation remain the same because once you are in that situation you cannot receive help from no where.

Speaking at the Midweek Prophetic Healing Deliverance and Solutions service at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris okafor who Preach on the Topic, “Demonic Veils” said no matter how great you are, if you are covered, no one will see you or recognize you for Blessings.

The Generational Prophet of God also remarked that when Veils is upon somebody, the person will be blind to see where his or her deliverance is located rather the person will attack and speak evil against his or her place of Deliverance.

The Apostle of altars also stated that Vails make people work tirelessly, very hard without any results or evidence to show for it.

Therefore, the Man of God said Not until you understand the Principles of Veils and it operation, before deploying ways to battle it.


The only way to break out of Veils is to turn to the way of the Lord, when you turn to the Lord, the first things that happen is Liberty, which causes Vails to be broken, Dr Okafor also stated that Consistence in Prayers Pull down Vails in the life of the people making them to become Liberated, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor declared.

Mystery were demistify during the Realms of the Prophetic, The Power of God came down Powerfully through his servant, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor, evil altars keeping the Glory of people were exposed, Certificate kept in evil altars were released while wombs of mother’s kept inside the evil Forest on top of an altars were also retracted and miracles babies delivered to awaiting Mother’s, different kinds of Miracles took place.

Meanwhile scores of faithful gave there Life to Christ at the service While some rededicated there Life to Elohim depopulation the kingdom of the devil while populating the kingdom of God.

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