Grace Nation: No One become Rich without Convenant – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: No One become Rich without Convenant – Dr Chris Okafor


… As PHD Service witnessed Heavy massacre on the kingdom of Darkness


You don’t come into prosperity without a spirit or Convenant assisting you,and if you don’t obey Convenant of protocol you can never come into your greatness,Wealth in Life

The lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor while ministering at the midweek PHD service at the international Headquarters of the church in ojodu Berger Lagos, Nigeria on the sub-heading “Convenant and Protocol of Wealth” highlighted that no one come into greatness without a spirit backing such person up, he said there are things that will never work for you,not until you follow all the laid down Protocol, therefore as a Son of God you must follow protocol

The Generation prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor also emphasized that Heaven will be close,until you learn how to respond to Convenant of Protocol, the man of God said flesh respond to flesh,while spirit respond to spirit,therefore nothing listen to you until you listen and be obedient to somebody

On another dimension, the Generation prophet of God as he is fondly called, Dr Chris Okafor said he serve the God of Trouble, he said if you want peace God is there to give you peace and in the other way round if you want trouble, he serve a God that love trouble, My God will give full and overdose of Trouble at anytime, therefore it’s left for you to decide which kind of blessings you want from God.
God is available at all time, Dr Okafor remarked

It was war inside the kingdom of Darkness at the midweek Prophecy,Healing and Deliverance service of the church, the kingdom of Darkness witness heavy massacre, God uses his servant to set the lawful captive free, altars were destroyed, blood splitting everywhere as altars were destroyed,,, witches and wizard were confessing live as a mandate were enforce by the Oracle of God for setting all captive under them free, the Realms of the prophetic visited villages and ancient altars, infact their were instant testimonies everywhere, more that 2000 expectant mothers carried their miracle babies all to the glory of God

Meanwhile the Chris Okafor world outreach ministry is set to stage a Four days prophetic and Deliverance conference in London ,United Kingdom, the conference will begin on 21-24 August 2022, this is another opportunity for people in London and environ to witness Raw power and hand of God in the Life, also to hear the word of God Raw from his servant Dr Chris Okafor, according to the Generation prophet of God, the Conference will be brutal and Prophetic because God himself wll .be in town and anytime God comes to town anything happen for Good.

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