February 28, 2024

Harvard has confirmed I was their student – Chika Ike

Harvard has confirmed I was their student – Chika Ike

When popular actress, Chika Ike, announced some years ago that she had been admitted into the business school of the prestigious Harvard University for a Master of Business Administration degree, many insinuated that she was just bearing tall tales.

However, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, the actress stated that she was vindicated when the Ivy League institution ‘endorsed’ her book.

She said, “Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Harvard even proved it recently by ‘reposting’ and endorsing my book on their social media platforms. What other way can one show that one attended a school when the school congratulated one on their social media platforms? It is something they wouldn’t do for someone who is not a student at the school. The truth is that people will always talk, because that is what they are there for but one needn’t listen.”


Speaking on some of the insights she gained from her Harvard experience, Ike said, “Harvard, for me, was a transformational learning experience. It really transformed me mentally, physically, emotionally, and in many other ways. One thing I took away from all that I learnt is that one should always explore other territories and exploit what one has. I also learnt about competitive advantage, and knowing one’s business model.”

The actress who launched her make-up line, Chika Cosmetics, during the week, also told Sunday Scoop that to succeed in business, one must never give up. She stated, “It is no secret that these are difficult times in the country. One has to think about one’s competitive advantage before coming to this kind of market. Logistics and funding are major challenges, but as an entrepreneur, one must have a never-say-die attitude.

That would make you stand out. Apart from the business angle, I am passionate about helping women to lead their best lives, and that is why a lot of time and dedication went into making my products. We had to make an 18-colour eye shadow pallet and 12-colour liquid matte lipstick, so as to cater to everybody, irrespective of their complexion.”

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