Immeri Nigeria set it’s foot in Lagos , Nigeria on April 15 , 2019 to commence it’s official business operation in the country of around 200 million population . Gracing the occasion of it’s business pre-launch with around 300 African from different state together with Mr. Yap Waiyen – President of Immeri Africa & Middle East , Ms. Mary Queen Komoda – Vice President of Immeri Africa & Middle East , Dr. Kan Kok Ming – Immeri Growth Centre Director from Immeri Southeast Asia , Ms. Joanne Franco – Immeri Nigeria Country Manager , Mr. Daniel Annan – Immeri Ghana Country Manager , Mr. Aries Mosaso – Immeri Africa Sales Manager .

Since it’s first business venture in Ghana last year in October 2018 , Immeri today have recorded 1000 over business associates , with the remarkable achievement in term’s of promotion having the fastest Manager in a span of 5 weeks and it’s firt ever Elite manager within a span of 3 months .

Immeri was established in October 2016 and regarded as the fastest growing Direct Selling Company in Asia and now in West of Africa , with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Qingdao, China . The intense expansion of the company paved way to establishing market presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Ghana, Philippines and today in Lagos , Nigeria .

The total turnover of our Group of Companies has surpassed USD 200million in the past financial year and very soon will expand the company’s sales arm to the Middle East , South Africa and other parts of Asia and has a work force of 150 employees worldwide, and growing.

Immeri Nigeria Ltd. is a subsidiary of Immeri Group of Companies and shares its set goal to return to its original motivations, where sustainable management and globalization perspectives are its shinning armors. It is a platform for development of an independent and professional career that fueled with spirits of exploration and challenges. The company is committed to work hand in hand together with our business partners as a team to foster vitality and happiness to every family.

Driven by initial ideal and affirmative determinations, IMMERI consists of the German word “IMMER” which means “eternity” and the letter “I” which represents “International”. Our mission is To bring HAPPINESS to our People and Family by keeping everyone HEALTHY, by achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM, through CONTINUOUS GROWTH, and by GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY.

Immeri aims to be a family-oriented company, and has developed a range of products under sets of brand series. Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel, with a tagline of “Happy Woman, Happy Family”, proves to be the best selling product. Not far behind are our Drink based products – Adwelle and Vitide. Adwelle, a plant-based enzyme, facilitates the absorption of nutrients inside the cell. Vitide, a micro molecule bioactive peptide, facilitates cell repair and regeneration.

The business pre-launch have showcase the company’s directions and business plans in 2019. Immeri Nigeria is open every Mondays to Fridays from 9 am until 6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am until 3 pm . Our regular seminars will be onwards from April 15, 2019 to host our existing members and business prospects .

For more information please follow us on IMMERINIGERIA facebook page for more details or you can visit our office at No. 1 Okupe Road , Beside Shoprite Ikorodu Road , Mende , Maryland Lagos Nigeria . You may reach us thru +2348124274117.

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