By Kenneth Uwadi


According to local sayings, when a person does good, people hardly find words to adequately express thanks. Likewise, no words will be enough for the people of Imo State to express thanks to Governor Hope Uzodinma for his good works in the State.As at the time the governor took over the mantle of leadership, Imo was in serious comatose. Things were in shambles. He saw and vowed to restore the lost glory of the state. Today, a complete blind man can feel a new Imo and a new lease of life. When some politicians tried to bring insecurity in the state, Uzodinma fought and peace has since been found.

The war against bad roads by the governor is yielding dividends as several rickety roads in the state are now expressways. Should some immediate past governors visit the state today, one is pretty sure they will be dumbfounded to see the level of transformation and development, the goodwill of which they squandered in their time. Uzodinma has done well in the areas of basic health, road, security, agriculture, community and rural developments, societal reorientation and attitudinal change, education, water, business and commerce, transportation, justice, human and structural development.

The Governor’s performances have become a source of envy and jealousy for anti-progressive elements in and outside the state. The preparation for the 2023 General election is on. The anti-progressive elements in and outside the state have increased their efforts to paint him black. In February this year, Uzodinma announced that he was making efforts to commence work on the Avu-Etekwuru Road. Last week, he mentioned that Contractors will be mobilized to the site on Thursday. So why should some people go to protest on Tuesday over the same road? The protest from findings was sponsored by a serving member of the Federal House of Reps . Useful information from community persons confirmed a series of meetings held by this man and his thugs with a plan to attack the governor of the State. They planned to have the governor come to address them over the Avu road, their cameras waiting, once the governor steps out of his car they will start booing him and the media will report that his Excellency was booed.

As things may have it, it was not the governor who came to address them, it was the capacity leader of APC in the LGA, Ugwumba Goodluck Nanah Opiah . Opiah is a man of humility, integrity, simplicity and credibility. He is a well respected man and leader. He has by far shown greater democratic temperament . The evidence is too glaring. The kind of things some people do and say against him and go scot-free, they certainly cannot do and say them to some leaders and go free. I doff my hat for this man. He has demonstrated over the years that what makes him happy is serving his people. He has never done things to just protect the Ohaji/Egbema interest alone, but has been doing things to protect the interest of the entire Oil Areas and the state. He can’t stop, at least not now. He will continue to serve as a role model for many aspiring politicians in the oil areas and in the State.

The noise over the Avu-Obosima- Adapalm-Etekwuru road is much ado about nothing. Hope Uzodinma is on top of the situation and has given approval  for  a reputable company  Ruudo Nigeria Limited to commence work on the road .  His road revolution in the state shows he is a man of his words. It’s heart-warming that the state has chosen to plant quality roads. Roads create jobs and happiness. We are not disturbed by any wrong impression created by anyone against our  hard working and performing governor.

I commend our governor for the massive infrastructural development going on in all parts of the state and urged him not to relent in enacting programs and policies that would enhance the well-being of the citizens. This however, does not mean that the state government led by Hope Uzodinma  has no shortcoming since no man but God is infallible. The big issue is that whatever the little areas the government is lacking or yet to look into, it deserves encouragement for it to do more. If a man gives you five naira deeply from his heart, such a man deserves thank you so that next time he can get courage to give ten naira. But if one ignores such benevolent assistance only to cast aspersions on the giver, one might not be able to receive such help again. In any case, Uzodinma is  not a man that is deterred by negative talk. He has done a lot to be remembered for and he is always out to do his best..Imo adila mma.

-Kenneth Uwadi lives in Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria

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