February 28, 2024

Inaugurate Your Foundation Now, Opeseintan Urges Adenuga @68

Inaugurate Your Foundation Now, Opeseintan Urges Adenuga @68

Chief Mike Adenuga is one name that revaberates in the minds of Nigerians wherever and whenever its mentioned, as such the Chairman of Glo Mobile needs little or no introduction in the Nigeria business and social strata. The Chairman, as he’s affectionately called turns 68 tomorrow, 29th April, 2021, one of his former employee and media strategist, Bode Opeseintan took time out to eulogise his benefactor and former boss.

In his remarks, Opeseintan regales Adenuga as Africa’s rarest and most exceptional icon, urging him to seize the auspicious occasion of his birthday to reach out more to the society through the floating of his Foundation, bridge some social gaps by forgiving those who have offended him and those he may have offended, seek their forgiveness.

Opeseintan’s message reads in parts, “He is one of Africa’s rarest and most exceptional business icons of the last 2 decades. Dr. Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga is a colossus. Blessed with the gift of business clairvoyance, the resilience of a bull and the intellectual depth of a sage to turn the ordinary to extraordinary, Dr. Adenuga can foresee hidden treasures thousands of miles beneath the sea level or in the underbelly of the earth. If you reckon with the yet-to-be tapped humongous resources at his disposal, which I’m fully aware of, his may be the story of the undisputed richest man in Africa the world may never unearth. A part of him does not even want to be so called. He believes the revulsion, jealousy and distractions that will come with the rosette will lionise his adversaries and sap his energy.


“Like the ageless philosopher-musician, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey once waxed lyrical about the divinity of the mission of Adenuga (whom he called Aneyetoto), the business grandee has often showed that he is a blessing to Nigeria, Africa and the world. GOD in HIS infinite mercy has blessed him beyond what the eyes can see. Sometimes, his generosity upended legendary charities. Quietly on his unofficial payroll are traditional rulers, retired military Generals, professionals of all hues, friends, associates and individuals totally unknown to him who have been mauled by the vicissitudes of existentialism.

“Mr. Chairman, as you celebrate your special day in the quietude of your ultra-luxurious Villa, please remember that conversation we had in late December 2018. We cannot count up to 5 people in a continent of 1.3 billion people who GOD has blessed the way he showed you HIS grace and mercy. It is time to deepen your legacy. You have deployed decades of hard work and devotion to duty to build an inimitable empire. This is the time for the Mike Adenuga Foundation to kick in robustly and continue the good work of alleviating the plight of the less privileged in a way that will touch millions of more lives.

“Lastly, Mr. Chairman, it is time for you to draw strength from your fallibility. As you mark your 68th birthday on April 29, please remember the Lord’s prayer. Forgive those who trespassed against you and make peace with those you may have hurt within and without.

Happy birthday, the Great Guru.

Olabode Opeseitan

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