NNPP Vice Presidential candidate and General Overseer of Illumination Assembly, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa has urged Nigerians to continue to pray for the nation as we approach the 2023 general election.
Idahosa made this call in Lagos on Saturday, 3rd September, 2023 during the Convocation and Ordination Exercise of International Christian University (I.C.U).
While delivering his keynote speach, the alunai of ICU and Archbishop designate posited that considering the dwindling economic situations and security challenges in the country, as a nation, we need God now more than ever.

He further opined that only Kwankwaso has the magic wand to wrestle insecurity in the country having been former Minister of Defense. He said during his time as Defense Minister there waa nothing like boko harm or banditry and other security challenges as we have today. He was in charge of security mechinries and that’s what he’s coming to do in much larger scale.

Idahosa said Nigeria is at the verge of collapse and that any well meaning Nigerian can’t just be complaining from the outside but should get involved to bring about the unification of the country. There is so much diversity, there is so much nepotism in the system and justice has become elusive. No equity, no fareness. People are fed up. The only way you can say enough is enough is to get involved.

NNPP is here to unite this country, Sen. Kwankwaso has done that in the past. He’s tested and trusted. A two term governor, one time minister, once an ambassador, a former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and Senator of the Federal Republic. You can see his wealth of experience.

NNPP government is going to amongst other national issues focus on security stability, education and human capital development, revamp the health sector. Once you can invest in people, you’ve saved the nation.

During his administration as the executive governor of Kano State, he turned the state into a modern state. He is a lover of the masses .

Kwankwaso for the records inherited a lot of debt as the governor of Kano but paid off and never borrowed a dime.

Ours won’t be a government that would ask the Vice Presidnt to take care of security while the President takes care of economy. The President is the Commander in Chief of the arm forces and should not be subjected to the economy. On the contrary, it is the Vice President that takes care of the economy.

When asked to comment on the much reported defection of Sen. Shekarau from NNPP to PDP, Idahosa said that that were there are proper ideology that such manner of things hardly happens but in Nigeria you see one man defecting from party to party. He further said that though Sen. Shekarau may have his own reasons but that what he has said about his principal (Sen. Kwankwaso) is not true. Setting the records straight, he said that aspirants in the party had already bought their form form the primaries before Shekarau returned to NNPP and there was no how Kwankwaso would have asked those who had bought their forms already to step down, however Shekarau got the Senatorial ticket while his followers were promised positions when the party form government.

When asked if it’s proper for him as a pastor to delve into politics, he answered in affirmative pointing that he want to be party of the decisions making in the country rather than sitting on the fence to condemn those in authority.

Idahosa earlier during his address said, It is a great privilege and honor for me to be invited as a Guest Speaker for this epoch-making event of the convocation and Ordination of well-deserving people of God here today. I hereby express my gratitude to the highly revered academic and spiritual leaders at ICU.
“There is no better time in our nation and our time than this occasion to celebrate the grace of God upon this great institution of theological learning and the resilience of the administrative and academic men and women who are driving and running with the vision over the years.
“The leadership and alumni of this great institution are well respected, honorable and eminent members of our society and nation. Many great personalities and worthy ambassadors have been produced by this great institution of Theological learning; the Nigeria nation is proud of you all.
“Nigeria, now, is at a crossroad where we need divine direction on the way forward to enjoy and maximize our God-given resources, both human and materials; we are at a space in our national journey where we need a paradigm shift and change the narratives of the seeming constant darkness that pervade the horizon of our great nation.
“We all, as a people and as the-called of God in Nigeria, need to bring the needed light to bear on the landscape of our national and personal lives if we are indeed the light of the world. I sincerely believe that this great institution has produced and possess great human capital to direct our nation towards the light of God and get this nation back on her feet. He continues

“Hence, I encourage this great institution to come up with a divine blueprint, and get it out into the public space, on how we can make the Nigeria dream to be fulfilled.
“Your inspired suggestions, proposals and direction shall go a long way to make our people and our nation to return to the Lord.

“Our dear leaders and professors, I appreciate the grace of God upon your lives and for still upholding the hope of God in our people and in our nation with the great work you are doing at ICU. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ, shall continue to uphold you and your families, and grant you the desires of your hearts beyond measures.

“Consequently, I want to advise the graduands and the ministers being ordained today to appreciate the grace of God upon your lives and I pray for fresh oil of grace and divine calling upon you as eminent church fathers and leaders shall send you forth for the work the Lord has called you.

“Personally, as an alumnus of this great institution, I shall make myself available in whatever capacity I am called upon to join you all in lifting the name, vision and resources which the International Christian University (ICU) needs and requires from time to time.

We need, at least, a permanent landed property for this great institution. I promise to join hands with you all and other resourceful personalities in our nation and internationally to ensure that we build a befitting edifice and structure for our great theological university.

As I round up, I want to enjoin us that we should keep praying for our nation and enquire from the Lord that His sovereign will be done in Nigeria as we approach the 2023 elections.

May the Lord keep you and guide you, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you and may the Lord grant you peace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

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