February 27, 2024

LADIES – Lack Of S3x Makes Your Vagina Depressed


We all know that a healthy sex life keeps our immune system humming, lessens pain and relieves stress.

It makes for a happier life. But what happens when we don’t have a sex? Well, according to a new research, we can become depressed. Or, more specifically, our vaginas may become “depressed.”

Having a depressed vagina is a real condition, backed by science. Those suffering from this condition experience burning and itching sensations despite there being no signs of an infection down there.

Put simply, having sexual intercourse is an important part of women’s health. Sexual abstinence can make our vagina depressed and this can also lead to vaginal atrophy, which causes the vagina wall to become thin.

“Vaginal atrophy or the thinning of the walls, could be due to a variety of factors,” said Courtney Geter, a sex therapist. “Lack of sex could be one.

“The vagina is a muscle where consistent use can help maintain comfort with many activities including sex,” Geter said.


“Sex and orgasm help blood flow to the muscles, which is needed for oxygen to reach the muscles as well. Just like with working out or daily activity. Consistent sexual play either with self or a partner is helpful.”

Other factors that contribute to vaginal atrophy are smoking and no vaginal births. Vaginal atrophy can affect women of any age but is prevalent among menopausal women.

As we know estrogen is needed to regulate our ovulation and menstrual cycle. But when women experience menopause and stop producing estrogen, the walls become thinner and dryer.

It also affects women treated for breast cancer and women who have a medical condition called premature ovarian failure in which they stopped producing estrogen before they turn 40, according to Dr. Kenneth Taylor, an obstetrician and gynecologist.

If You Want To Live Long – Avoid These FoodsThere is a change of estrogen level in women, “when you see a thinning of the vagina, a loss of rugae, which are folds in the vagina, bleeding or loss of lubrication,” Taylor said.

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