LAGOS 2023 RACE: Jim-Kamal To Introduce Free Education At All Levels

LAGOS 2023 RACE: Jim-Kamal To Introduce Free Education At All Levels


The governorship aspirant of NNPP, Otunba Olanrewaju Ajani Jim-Kamal, has talked tough on his dream for the new Lagos that will compete with developed cities across the world.

In an interview with Classic International Magazine, promised that Lagos State would be the model for restructuring of the country.

Kamal said infrastructural development, healthcare and human capital development would be a critical components of his administration, stressing that setting up infrastructure without giving youths free and compulsory education and employment and providing a modern-day security network, would backfire hence he would give considerable attention to education while developing the state.

Kamal likened Nigeria’s politics to English Premier League, he said for you to rely on home advantage to win matches is a thing of the past. Away teams can beat you mercilessly in your home if you fail to prepare well. In Lagos, NNPP is poised to defeat the incumbent because I have all my people behind me. As a matter of fact, I’m the candidate of all the Aworis in Lagos and Aworiland controls 16 local governments. For the records, the Aworis are behind this government because I was in PDP then but thank God for taking me to NNPP to actualize the desire of recuing Lagos. He said.

“NNPP has been an eye-opener to me, I’ve met wonderful leaders here, especially Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso who loves this country to a fault with fear of God, his vice, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa has been so passionate about the new Nigeria project. NNPP have the agenda to reposition Nigeria towards economic and security prosperity.

“Kwakwaso for the records is a former Governor, former Minister, and former Senator. We all saw what he did as Minister for defense to stem insecurity in the country. As governor, he modernized the city of Kano, he gave education prime attention that no governor can match his success in the educational sector. There is a huge bandwagon of supporters and welling meaning Nigerians behind is quest to recue Nigeria and by the grace of God, come May 29, 2023, Sen. Kwankwaso and Bishop Idahosa will be sworn in as President and Vice President respectively.

On his vision for Lagos State, Jim-Kamal said his Lagos development plans are embedded in his 5-Agenda for the state, which includes automated free and compulsory e-education at all levels, free e-healthcare facilities, social security and women emancipation, massive employment drive for youths, mechanized food production, infrastructural facilities development and modern transportation system, and lastly restructuring.

when probed further he said his administration will reintroduce automated free e-education at all levels in the state, meaning that children from Nursery school must carry tablets to develop their brains while secondary and university students must have laptops.

“My administration will be focusing more on education because the children of this generation have hot-brains and with quality ICT-inclined education, Nigeria will begin to compete technologically with countries like Japan, China, etc in no distance time.

“Quite alright there’s population implosion in Lagos but trust me Lagos State can adequately fund free education in the state.

“My administration will also bring free e-healthcare services. All our hospitals will be designed and repositioned to meet international best practices; the aged from 65 years upwards will be given adequate special attention not forgetting age 1 – 10. The issue of medical tourism abroad will become a thing of the past.

“All our roads don’t have up to 500mm thickness that’s why we have bad roads everywhere with all the heavy investments on road constructions; don’t forget Lagos State is a water-logged area. My administration will construct state roads to 750mm thickness standard to last longer and such roads will not need maintenance until fifteen years after.

“NNPP have promised true restructuring which is the major challenge in Nigeria. I will set the pace in Lagos. I have assembled experts to work on the modalities for proper restructuring of the state.

“NNPP have greatly been undermined since the primaries but we will shock those who don’t believe in our strength. We have adequately prepared to rescue this country and our objectives and plans for Lagos State an Nigeria will be unfolded when the campaigns kick off. He concluded.




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