February 28, 2024

My Brother’s Wife Was Burnt To Ashes In South Africa ..Victim’s family

My Brother’s Wife Was Burnt To Ashes In South Africa ..Victim’s family

Contrary to report that no Nigerian was killed in the attack in South Africa, a relative of one of the victims, Idiareh Rita, in a WhatsApp message shared by Derin Omowon on ‘Think Oyo WhatsApp platform,’ lamented the killing of his sister in-law.


According to the message Rita stated, “What’s terrible with reprisals from Nigerians? Should I send you a video of how my brother’s electrical shop on Small Street in Johannesburg was looted and his wife burnt to ashes?

“Since our government won’t say or do anything, let everything about South Africa be destroyed, we have been in tears since Monday in my family.”

One of our correspondents put a call through to Rita’s phone number to confirm if her sister in-law’s killing happened during this week’s attacks in South Africa she said, “It is this recent one that happened.”

Asked to give details, Rita amidst sobs said, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

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