Nigeria Has Lost The Core Values Of Her Founding Fathers -Dr. Uchenna

Nigeria Has Lost The Core Values Of Her Founding Father -Dr. Uchenna

We live in a turbulent times and the turbulence of this world often comes with divers discomfort. Ceaseless effort and agreement prayers offers solution to burrow our way out and live peacefully in the Nation. Dr Solomon Uchenna Wining, the presiding pastor in charge of Majesty Worship Embassy & the president of World Revival Movement, a renowned itinerary minister of God who has traveled wide in the course of the ministry.
Shares in this interview excerpt how he would restore Nigeria’s economic same way it was If he is elected the President of Nigeria comes 2023.

What is your assessment of Nigeria’s growth since independence in 1960?

Nigeria as a Nation gained her independence from British in 1st October 1960. The independence was successful by the unfliching efforts of some founding fathers of the Nation the likes of; Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Sir Tafawa Balewa and Chief Obafemi Awolowo among others all of blessed memory. These influential personalities came together irrespective of geographical and ethic boundaries & birth Nigeria in what is popularly known today as ‘WAZOBIA” drawn from the three major languages in Nigeria namely Yoruba for Wa (come), Hausa for Zo (come) and Igbo for Bia (come).
At the early stage of Nigeria’s independence, things were similarly proper. The economy of the Nation was unarguably the best among all other Africa Nations. Nigeria was rated the among the world fastest growing Economy. Nigeria was a country most countries were coming to do investments. People of diverse nationalities across the world trooped to Nigerian at the early years of the Nation’s independence to do a lot of investment. Unfortunately, few years later Nigeria’s growth began to dwindle. The situation of the country began to move from good to bad and now to the worst since the nation’s independence in 1960.

Right from 1964 specifically till date, lots of things have completely changed for the worst in Nigeria in spite of the fast developmental structure that the country witnessed in the early years of her independence.
So far Nigeria has predominantly been ruled by the people from the northern of the country with a couple of people from the western part, till date, no Executive leader from the Igbo speaking Extraction that has ruled Nigeria as president.

This is an appeal to Nigerians to support my candidacy for president come 2023 to restructure & restore Nigeria lost glory to a better stage.
Nigeria as a nation is one of the respected, and accepted African country in the world.

What is Nigeria’s fate as a nation in 2040?
Am not God to tell Nigeria fate by 2040, but I can tell you this that Our children will course us if we leave this country the way it is down to them however,
I still believe that Nigeria will be a better Nation. I strongly believe that Nigeria will be one of the best Nations in Africa and in the world. What would become of Nigeria fate in 2040 most of the existing fathers of the nation alive now might not witness it.
But if voted president By 2023 Nigeria would become one of the world most powers country economically.
we need to build a future for the next and younger generation of Nigerians. Though it might seem far, we need to build it.

What are the areas the present government needs to restructure in Nigeria?

I want to believe that the present government of this nation is hazardously attending to the cry of the Nigerian masses. The president is doing it’s bid in his capacity, but he can do better than what he is presently doing. The government should look inward, especially in paying attention more to the cry of her people. The government should look into infrastructure; the fixing of roads across the nation should be improved and made accessible. The government should also ensure our hospitals across the Nation meets the international standard to offer her citizenry quality medical services at home instead of going abroad for medical attention. The government should ensure all hospitals both private and public in the country are indispensable, accessible and meet the international standard. Though the present administration has tried in tackling the deadly virus called coronavirus that is ravaging the world by setting up Isolation Centre and laboratory center’s to help cushion the effects of the virus, a whole lot still need to be done on our health care delivering system.

What is your advice to both CAN and PFN on the Nation building?

We commend the efforts of the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and all other Christian bodies and associations in the country for the good works they are doing in the Nation. I still want to encourage, advice and implore the entire body of Christians in Nigeria to work together in unity to move this Nation forward. Nigeria belongs to everybody. We must rise and protect the image of the nation. We need to change our negative perspective about our nation. The government cannot do it alone. The body of Christ as a whole has a very vital role to play in the Nation building. Let us all join hands together with the government of our country to fix this Nation.

Can Nigeria still be better again?

Nigeria can still be a better place. As a matter of fact I am optimistic when I become president a lot of things would change Economically, By the grace of God, I have traveled around the world. I have come to realized that Nigeria has one of the best Natural endowment in the world.
Let the Nigerian youth arise. Both the old and children should arise and join hands together to support my candidacy to build a better, lasting productive and great Nigeria again.

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