Pacesetter, Gift Greg Reigns Supreme in 5 Fields

Pacesetter, Gift Greg Reigns Supreme in 5 Fields


The story of this sultry Nigeria’s fast-rising brand Gift Greg aka ” Star Queen ” is no doubt one worthy of emulation by today’s youths and Ladies in general.

In this exclusive encounter, we attempt to find out what inspires her in 5 fronts.

To begin with, Gift Greg, a fast-rising brand is one lady who has her hands in about five different fields. She is a professional actor, singer, fashion designer, creative fine artist ( painter) & songwriter, little wonder she’s also known amongst her fans & associates as ” Real Omo Gifted”.

Asked what must have inspired her to have her hands in various fields, she opined thus:

“It is from God. Yes God! He gave all of us gifts and talents. I am grateful God gave me more than one talents and I’m not ready to waste mine. I resolved to maximise them to the best of my abilities and to His glory”

Asked of her inspirations and secrets of her rapid evolvement, she stated…

“My greatest inspirations are the challenges that come my way. Much more than anything else, in as much as they tend to distract us and no matter how hard they can get sometimes, challenges keep me up, give me hope and inspire me.

” I am also very inspired by people, who are passionate and diligent about what they do in life to succeed.

” One other thing that inspires me is when I see a woman who lives her life free from definitions, constraints, and attachment to generally accepted ideals and stereotypes of beauty and success.

“Again someone who makes impact or renders help to another who needs help… This too inspires me.

” I am inspired by my crafts and the changing of environment, like getting out of the house and going somewhere new and learning something new is a huge inspiration too.

” Chief of all, I get inspired by nature, via listening, singing, by writing songs and stories, reading and traveling.”

Asked of her guiding philosophy of life, she postulated thus:

” You’re not responsible for where you’re coming from, but, you’re very much responsible for where you’re going.”

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