Sanwo-Olu And The Incompetent Opportunists

Sanwo-Olu And The Incompetent Opportunists


By Tunde Moshood, Member Directorate of Public Affairs, APC Presidential Campaign Council


In the next 2 days, or should we say as the hours tick by, the historical events that’ll separate the wheat from the chaff will unfold. I have watched with keen interest, the various absurd comedies that have characterised the Lagos political theatre by some sentimental artists and tribal activists trying to take advantage of a bad situation to score a cheap point. There’s nothing like a bad situation really, just that some people are trying to level-up on a situation for revenge and these people are not better than opportunists and worse than thugs.

Let me start by saying that, anytime anyone is hoping to build something that requires strong foundations, we should stay clear of opportunists. Anyway, there are two kinds of people who always cry hoarse over circumstances; the opportunists who missed it and cowards who couldn’t make it.

In case you’re still wondering what I am driving at, it is the hue and cry justling for the Lagos State oval office by amateur politicians driven by sentiments and irrational exuberance.

There’s nothing wrong to be ambitious and in as much as ambition has the power to change the fate of success; impatience, rudeness and incompetence make ambition a mere shadow of a dream.

Yes, everything has its TIME and time is of essence but the two most powerful warriors are patience and time, so anytime you’re considering AMBITION, think of the right time.

I am sure it can’t just be only me that thinks there’s no vacancy in Alausa, at least for now. Even those other characters know deep down within them that, it is a mission, almost impossible; that’s why they move aggressively, in one direction because AGGRESSION creates nothing but confusion. Whichever way, they’re having fun, enjoying the klieglights and fantasizing on the popularity the election buzz are bestowing on them.

Change is good and inevitably the only thing that’s constant in life but you must be ready to change and coordinate your attitude before asking for a change.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been wonderful in the last 3 years with his administrative prowess, aside his record-breaking blue line rail, this is a man who was able to manage and stabilize a city reputed as the most volatile in Africa in the wake of the dangerous Covid 19 pandemic. Such as being his wealth of administrative experience.

It is not just enough to say you want a change, just because you want to prove a point or settle a score, you must present a candidate whose antecidents and impressive track records are far more than the incumbent. The people I’ve seen as rivals are not up to the scale and will need to take a queue, probably to re-represent their candidacy in the next four years.

Enough is enough of these bullies and cheap blackmail, there’s no other man that we know, believe-in and endorse other than the pragmatic APC flagbearer, the incumbent of incumbents, governor Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu.

Let’s all troop out en masse, this Saturday, March 18th, 2023 to vote for the candidate of the APC, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu during the forthcoming Lagos State gubernatorial election. Sanwo Ni O, Sanwo Leekan Si!!!

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