April 20, 2024

Sijibomi Ogundele unveil his $400 million first Glass Reinforced Concrete Building (GRC)

Sijibomi Ogundele unveil his 0 million first Glass Reinforced Concrete Building (GRC)

A facade full home automation. The Agege brought up big boy, whom many have discribed as the youngest Real Estate Billionaire, SIJIBOMI OGUNDELE (SUJIMOTO) was recently seen at the Lucrezia Project site located inside Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Our team who was at the site with him and can authoritatively report that the project is at its final stage of completion and work is in progress, the building, when completed will be the first and only reinforced concrete private resident in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, an Automation Home with private IMAX cinema for residents, standard creche, indoor and virtual golf.

The easy going and soft spoken young man Sijibomi Ogundele, who had a very humble upbringing, developed the entrepreneur drive as a souvenir hawker in France, a trade he learned from his mother; doing ‘ALABARU’ a Yoruba word for cait-carrer in the popular Oke-Aro market, one of the biggest city trade zone in the whole of Africa.

From that humble beginning he learned basics of building a business enterprise, while in the trade he still have passion for education, though he didn’t attend the prestigious school like king’s college or any of the private schools of that time, but his father a public servant with John Holt could afford a public school uniform for his dearly boy, for this reason Sijibomi Ogundele determined to change the Fortune of his family; though he studied law in the long run but the spirit of entrepreneurship which his mother has imbibed in him became a dominating factor to his quest for success.

Other factor that carved/shaped his resistance is where he grow up, Agege, till date is regarded as the most populated single residential area in Lagos, populated and housing almost all the ethic groups in Nigeria, a community that can boost of producing most of the top music icons and footballer’s, model, Comedian’s and Celebrities.

Sijibomi was just 8 years old when his mother introduce him to her line of business of buying and selling, a step he developed into an entrepreneurship ideals. He started first as a motorcycle operator, with one bike popularly called ‘Okada Business’ he save the little profit and after some months he bought another one, from that singular one okada Sijibomi Ogundele bought 6 okada and that was the beginning of a multimillionaire enterprises (SUJIMOTO) a great testament to a strong business resilient and entrepreneurship Prowess.

Many of his friends discribes him as a rose flower that grows on a concrete, Mr Sijibomi Ogundele just clocked 39 years, within 5 years built a world class company, the SUJIMOTO is the must extraordinary edifice in a premium neighborhood the Banana island, in ikoyi, a building when completed and in operation will generate an annual revenue of an approximately $30 million, projectively the Sujimoto Group will be worth over $400million in the next few years.


The Multy Billion Dollar business (LorenzoBySujimito) actually started with 15 storey building, while the building is under construction a new reevaluation was proposed and the architectural drawings was restructured to accommodate 15 more storeys bringing the number to 30 storey building. With this new development LorenzoBySujimoto has been discribed as the fastest raising entrepreneurship edifice of our time.

Sijibomi Ogundele famous words “To be second is to be last; if people in their 30’s are building 5000 units annually in Asia, 75 unit’s shouldn’t scare you’ according to Mr. Ogundele “I believe in Nigeria, my passion comes from my patriotism; I believe that the Nigeria that produced the likes of MKO’s, the Dangote’s, and the Ojukwu’s also has something great in store for me”

Within 5 years Sijibomi Ogundele have developed a streem of business, which includes Sujimoto Giuliano Project, a 100% covered with travertine store fully automated. This was his first project which has in each unit a private elevator and an award-winning zaha habid bathroom from porseelanose, the idea was to set a standard luxury terrace that must compet with the quality of edifits usually of banana island; which will be able to attract client’s like MD of multinational business, billionaires and Celebrities

A stone throws from Giuliano; Sujimoto building dubbed as the tallest residential building in Banana Island – the LucreziaBySujimoto. A revolutionary building, never before seen in Nigeria or Africa! The first building with Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) façade, Full Home Automation, private IMAX Cinema for the residents, standard crèche, Indoor Virtual Golf with over 2,500 courses worldwide to play on, swimming pool in the sky and other exciting features. Sitting on the 12th floor is the best penthouse in Africa. A project that sets an enviable standard for luxury residential apartments in Nigeria with a sales value worth $46 and a delivery deadline of December 2021.

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Speaking on the Lucrezia, Mr. Ogundele made a startling revelation; “We are building the best condominium not only in Nigeria but also in Africa. The Lucrezia Penthouse comes with a private elevator, private cinema, private golf, private gym, and a private pool! The Lucrezia is very special to us because Sujimoto is divesting from Residential Projects with 80% of our real estate interest into Commercial Projects.

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