“There are so many individuals in the North, like Sunday Igboho, who are in the volunteer missions to help their communities fight crime; onslaughts of insurgency; banditry, ISWAP and Bokoharam, under the names like the civilian JTF; HISBAH; various vigilante groups and co. If it is not wrong for people like that to rise in defence of their places in the Northern parts of Nigeria to offer help, it can also never be wrong for the like of Igboho to do so in the South West here. To me, it doesn’t matter, who should fight the war or the killing and the maiming menace of the invasion of the so-called African mongreeb Arabs, disturbing our peace and sanity in Yoruba land, the most important thing is that, it should be fought, so that all Nigerians in their natural homes or territories can have assuring peace, sanity and progress. Sunday Igboho obviously from his many statements I have read and the video interviews I have listened to, is not out there to fight responsible Fulani herders, Northerners or anybody else, but the marauding God forsaken criminals, making life unbearable for our people on their journeys; in their farms; villages and towns. If it is right, therefore, for certain individuals to volunteer to help, fight crimes in their own places, then Sunday Igboho is right to offer himself to fight for the defence and safety of his people, community and region.

Meanwhile, the day the Yorubas make that stupid mistake of abandoning their traditional powers completely for the domination of any foreign religion, that is when they and their territories could easily be conquered”

– Olukayode Salako.

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