February 27, 2024

There Are Two Things I Take Pleasure In – Chinedu Ikedieze

There Are Two Things I Take Pleasure In – Chinedu Ikedieze
Chinedu Ikedieze

There are few things in life that filmmaker and actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, takes pleasure in and they are his video games and pets.

Unknown to many, the ace actor has about two dogs and parrots, which he cherishes a lot. In a chat with Saturday Beats, Aki, as Ikedieze is fondly called, explained how he fell in love with animals.

He said, “I have dogs and parrots. My parrots talk very well. I think my love for animals started when I stayed with my uncle who trained me. He was my mother’s elder brother and I give him the credit because he made me who I am today.


“He gave me an opportunity that I really benefited from. When I was living with him, we had these Alsatian dogs and when we were together, I was the one in charge of the dogs. It was during that time I realized that dogs are truly man’s best friend and I trained the dog so much that I could easily send it on errands. That was the way the love started.”

Known to be a stylish actor, he stated that when it comes to his outward appearance, he strives to be distinct and different.

He told Saturday Beats that it was silly for anyone to think that he gets his clothes from the children sector of a store.

He added, “I am a very classic dresser and I like to look good. I do not like wearing things that others are wearing, instead I would rather wear something that would differentiate me.

“I try to be distinctive and create my own trend. I like to wear things that would make you recognize the moment you see me.

“If you see what I am wearing, you cannot possibly say that I get my clothes from the children section of the store because kids cannot wear the kind of clothes that I wear.

“I have my designers who know what I want so they create a style and I give them my final input.”

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