Someone told me he saw one comedian riding okada and I told him that the guy has a wife and a child… so, he has bills to pay…
Wait o, if he wanted to remain a celebrity and beg you for money, can you feed him and his family?

When I see posts like “She posted something about suicide, nobody came to her rescue and she finally drank sniper”.. I will comment “did she know what her social media friends are going through, is it because we decided not to complain or commit suicide?”

Oh wait o, do you expect someone like that comedian riding okada to come and rescue you? Your problem is learn from where his problem is.. Hence he does not believe you have a problem.

Early this year, a friend told me he was going through depression and I decided to visit him in order to encourage him.

On my way there, I experienced a serious traffic and I decided to park my car somewhere and took a public bus because my car’s fuel consumption is high.


When I got to his house, I saw the guy eating good food with more than 5 pieces of meat inside the soup, meanwhile I cooked with only panla fish (yoruba tasteless cheap fish).

I asked him “oga why are you depress ?” and he said his car knocked engine, he has been using uber for long and now he is broke and can’t afford Uber any longer.

I didn’t still understand and I asked him “oga what is the problem gongon?” and he said that his problem was that he couldn’t imagine himself entering a public bus.. I just smiled because I entered bus to his house to hear that someone can’t enter bus.

I am alive because I chose to.. If I see “HOUSE TO LET”, I too to property agent business just to survive.
Many of us have swallowed our pride to remain alive.

I am not a motivational speaker so I don’t know how to end this post but if you are sensible, you will choose to live.

Good evening

Baba De Baba

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