Assaulted! 15 Yrs Old girl Rescued From Being Raped By The Man Who Offered To help Her

A 15-year-old girl has been rescued from being raped by a man who offered to help her reunite with her mom after she fled from the house of her abusive sister in Egbeda, Lagos.

According to Barnabas who is one of the rescuers, the suspect identified as Chisom Clement, saw the girl at a bus stop while she was looking for transportation fare to her mom’s place of residence.

Seeing that she looked dirty after passing the night at a mosque in the area, he offered to take her to a place where she can clean up before embarking on the trip.

However, he instead took her to L&b Hotel and booked a room. Trouble was said to have started when he tried to have sex with her and she refused.

The girl later threatened to stab Chisom and then went ahead to raise the alarm that alerted other lodgers who promptly rushed to her rescue.

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