Easter Celebration: Prince Adewopo Greets Osun Residents, Calls for Display of True Citizenship and Restoration of Osun PDP’s mandate

As Christians in Osun state join their counterparts all over the world to celebrate Easter, Prince Ayoade Adewopo (AYOMBO), earlier today in Ile-Ife called on all Osun residents and indigenes to play their roles as true citizens through love and sacrifice for the general good of the society.

In an Easter Message personally signed by him, Prince Ayoade Adewopo fondly called AYOMBO, said it is only through love and sacrifice toward the good of society that the people could uphold the legacy of Jesus Christ which is encapsulated in His selfless love and sacrifice on behalf of humanity.

According to Adewopo, “The greatest legacy that Jesus Christ left for us is the legacy of love and sacrifice. I believe the best way we can carry on that legacy is to fulfill our obligations to our society.”

According to him, the lessons of love, humility, selflessness, forgiveness and perseverance shown by the Lord Jesus Christ through his death on the cross and resurrection should be emulated by all Nigerians at all times especially at this critical period in our nation’s history.

Adewopo, further noted, that “easter is a period when we engage in sober reflection of the ultimate and selfless sacrifice of love that Jesus Christ made on our behalf,” adding that society requires more expression of love to improve the quality of life of the people.

Prince Adewopo pointed out that close to five years now, the Ayombo Movement which he convened has worked consistently to advance the quality of life of Osun citizens.

In the last 40 days of fasting, praying and arms-giving that ushered in this Easter celebration, he stated that he is sure our people prayed fervently for our dear state, the nation and for themselves. It is our hope that God heard our prayers for continued peace, progress, unity of the country and that the stolen mandate of the PDP and its gubernatorial candidate, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke will be restored soon.

With the people’s cooperation, the PDP government will venture into terrains that will put the state on the front burner of both national and international attention as a model of development, not only for Nigeria but for the African continent.

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