His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed,(Matawallen Maradun),Executive Governor of Zamfara State; The Man on a Manhunt! (Hero Versus Villains and Bandits;

The 2019 general elections conducted in Nigeria has come and gone leaving behind a plethora of electoral malpractices, thuggery, violence, intrigues, conspiracies, both internal and external political party rifts marred with subsequent pre-elections court cases, impunity of the highest order, defamation of character, moral hazards, regression and decadence across the country.

The aftermath of the General Elections in Federal, states, legislative and judicial matters during election tribunals have all taken unprecedented procedures and processes at a magnitude never seen before in electoral transition of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The supreme laws of the land,”1999 Constitution as amended” and some of its provisions, including the Electoral Act have been violated through manipulating its prescribed laws in order to attain leadership in all sectors of government, down to the lowest level.

However, not all elements in the general elections turned out to be degraded. There are some major developments and changes that occurred in the process. The masses have been enlightened with regard to their rights to vote for politicians that perform during their tenure in office, while they equally managed to oust leaders that did nothing for their states and constituencies during the period of the 2019 general elections, most especially in States and the Legislative Arm of government.

The major developments that can be considered can be attributed to security threats that consumed the northern part of the country which are clearly visible in states like Zamfara State and Kaduna State.

However,in a sudden turn of events,His Excellency,Governor Bello Mohammed,(Executive Governor of Zamfara State) shocked the entire nation after his victory in the Supreme Court that confirmed his mandate as the lawful Chief Security Officer in the state has displayed impressive qualities of leadership that is worthy of emulation by Governors and other leaders of the nation,with specific reference to other security agencies like the Nigerian Armed Forces, Civil Defense, Custom Service, Immigration service, among other strategic establishments. His Excellency, Gov. Bello Mohammed took the bull by the horn and has proven to be a politician that is ready to tackle Kidnappings, Banditry and their sponsors that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over past decades.

Immediately His Excellency took the oath of office,he introduced and improved the social welfare of Zamfara Indigenes by declaring “Free Healthcare, education and put into effect the 30,000 Naira payment of minimum wage as prescribed by law.

An unfortunate incidence that occurred on the second of of June-2019, which forced the fearless Governor to stop his convoy in order to pursue the bandits that attacked his convoy all the way to their hideouts in the infamous rural outskirts of the State Capital that leads to the deep forest, killing eight bandits in a pursuit that was led by the Governor and other security personnels.

His Excellency, went further to fish out more bandits the very next day and apprehended more of them in another operation that was personally led by the Governor for the second time, which turned out to be a successful mission due to more perpetrators of the heinous acts inflicted on innocent civilians being caught and killed.

The fearless leader literally goes out to hunt for bandits and kidnappers with his security team not too far behind. His Excellency,Governor Bello Mohammed Maradun has given hope to the people of Zamfara State and has paved way for light at the end of a dark tunnel that has tormented the State for years.

The only Governor in recent years that emulated such courage with regard to insecurity is non other than His Excellency, Governor Nasiru El-Rufa’i of Kaduna State when his convoy intercepted a gang of Armed Robbers on the Abuja to Kaduna highway in 2018.

The highlight and sustainable development initiated by the new Governor after just 5 days in office is the awarding of a capital contract to build an airport in the state which most people thought the State Capital, (Gusau) would have such means of basic transportation in operation, having produced several illustrious, influential and elder statesmen of high status and caliber both domestic and in international capacity.

By providing the much needed infrastructural development of an airport amongst other agendas,will give people easier access to the State Capital, (Gusau) and other Local Government Areas across the state to a larger extent.

The case of Borno State security situation,the criminal act of banditry, kidnappings and other related crimes has deemed the state unfit to be commuted by road with most people completely holding back by keeping their affairs far from the state as opposed to attracting “Businesses, Agricultural Production and drawing the attention of both foreign and internal investments.

Other future ambitions of Governor Bello includes,construction of rail lines in order to decongest the routes considered as dangerous by the general public through direct investment of interested parties from other foreign countries, which in turn will enable his administration to negotiate for Local Contenting that will ultimately lead to construction of schools, hospitals, skill acquisition centres, road constructions and farming equipments to be utilized in the vast fertile land of the state.

His Excellency,Governor Bello Mohammed,(Matawallen Maradun) has surely depicted true qualities of leadership in less than one week since he became the Governor of Zamfara State.

The people of Zamfara State and all it’s neighboring states should equally join the quest of the new administration and assist in the; “Political,Educational,Health,Economic and Security” development of the state for the greater good of all its indigenes.

The Governor has been relentlessly, courageously and passionately going for manhunts of bandits and kidnappers on a daily basis with numbers of casualties increasing by the day.

The old saying;” Leadership by example” is an understatement when being equated with actions of His Excellency,Governor Bello,Matawallen Maradun in Zamfara State. Should His Excellency keep up the pace at the level he’s coordinating his affairs in the past six days, it will be no surprise if he becomes more popular than the “Red Cap Kwankwasiyya” that will place him at the clout of leadership status of Vice President or probably President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

May Allah SWA continue to bless, guide and protect us with his infinite wisdom and mercy.

Amin Ya Rahman.

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