I stuck to Nigerian food in Europe – Taye Currency

Fuji singer, Taye Adebisi, aka Taye Currency, speaks with DAYO ADEOLA on his exciting trip to Europe

How often do you travel?

I like to travel once in three months. I believe that Nigeria is also a nice place to stay. If one has something tangible doing, there is no reason for one to relocate abroad, except for holidays. I am a really busy person in Nigeria. My 25-year-old son is into politics and he is a member of the Oyo State House of Assembly. I am also one of the people working with the governor of Oyo State, Mr Seyi Makinde.

Where did you visit recently?

I was in Europe recently and I visited Germany, Italy, and Belgium. I will also be going back there next month to spend 10 days because I have about four shows lined up. As a musician who has fans all over the world, I always make sure I bring my music closer to them whenever I can. It is always exciting performing in foreign countries to the delight of my fans.

What are some of the things you can remember about your travel experience?

I travelled there to have fun and satisfy my fans. One of the places I visited was Rome. I didn’t really have enough time to explore as much as I would have loved to because I spent just about four days there. If it isn’t for the shows I am going for next month, I wouldn’t travel at all because I have things to do in Nigeria.

Did you taste any of their local dishes?

Burg Eltz Castle, Germany
They also have Nigerian food there and that’s what I took most of the times because that is what I know how to eat best. I also enjoyed eating at a particular fast food restaurant. I didn’t really like their food over there, and that is why I stuck to Nigerian food. I am always careful about what I put in my mouth, so as not to upset my stomach.

How did you change naira to their currencies?

I had a lot of dollars with me before I left Nigeria, so when I got there, that was basically what I spent.

Do the people there like Nigerians?

Yes, they like Nigerians, especially in Italy. It is really not that hard to get by over there. If one doesn’t pass one’s boundary, cause violence and is not involved in drug trafficking or abuse, one would not have any problem.

Where would you visit next?

I will be going to London next month.

What travel advice can you give to potential travellers?

Don’t sell all your properties just because you want to travel. If you work hard and smart, Nigeria is also a nice place to enjoy yourself. There are a lot of people that have been misled just because they wanted to travel at all costs. I believe that some of these things have to do with one’s destiny. If you are destined to travel and be successful abroad, you will surely get there. There are many Nigerians rotting in jails abroad. Some are just walking the streets with nothing legitimate to do. White people are not that dumb to accept whoever comes into their countries without any means or plans for sustenance. It is indeed sad that many Nigerians go to some of these places to spoil the image of the country (Nigeria). Meanwhile, we must also note that there are many Nigerians that are actually doing the country proud all over the world. I am usually happy when I meet Nigerians doing great things in different parts of the world.

Was there any drawback to your trip?

No. I don’t have any regrets travelling. I am really happy I did. I had the chance to connect with my fans, and I wasn’t embarrassed by anyone. It was also an opportunity for me to unwind and have a good time. If one is well prepared financially before embarking on any trip, things are bound to go according to plan.

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