Facts File! ON OBASEKI AND AKEREDOLU  -Kayode Salako


1. The politics
2. The electioneering
3. The governance

But out of the three, the component that is the most powerful is the POLITICS. It is the determining for the realization of the other two in democracy.

That is where any political aspirant must go and necessarily play the game to be able to get the endorsement and the ticket of his political party to be able to run for election, whether for the first time or another one again.

If you don’t play it to get the ticket, then you can’t run for ELECTION and if you do not run for election, you cannot get the constitutional power to GOVERN the people.

So, the power to make anybody to govern the people in democracy, is in the hands of the party politics. That is the way constitutionally democracy has fixed it.

However, if you are now first term governor and you are misbehaving to your political party structure, you shouldn’t forget that if you want to continue to govern for another term or go for the second term, then you will still have to go back to meet your political party members to play the politics of getting the ticket in order to run for the second term election.

If you have behaved well to your political party during your first term, it might be easy for you to seek for their collective supports for the ticket, but if you have misbehaved to them or undermine their political power while in office, it might not be easy for you to get that ticket again. Or they might not even allow you to get it at all. Like former governor Ambode of Lagos, you might be denied.

As brilliant and as articulate the Ambode’s government of that four years was, this was his second term problem with his party people.

Now, it is the turn of Godwin Obaseki of Edo State and Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State.

They are back to their political party people for the politics of the second term election tickets.

My believe is, if they have behaved well to their party people in this their second term, it might be easy for them to fly the flags of their parties for the second term elections, but if their political party, the APC people in their respective states, no longer want them, there is nothing any social critic in the main stream media; on social media or around town can do. They might not give them the tickets.

It is not anybody’s fault, it is the power democracy has given to the politics as one of its operational constituents.

No matter how good you are as a governor in terms of performance, even if you have been able to transform Edo and Ondo to Lagos or Dubai in your first term, but your party people have their own reasons do not want you again as the flagbearers of their next elections, so be it. INEC cannot even help you!

President Muhammadu and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu might not be able to help the situation, because influences and selective votes are just two in the party.

It is about the so much power democracy has given to the politics in the selection process.

It is high time, therefore, that all the ‘democratically’ elected office holders in Nigeria begin to realise this and stop misbehaving to ‘politics’ when they are in the gracious office.

In democracy, you cannot continue to rule the people by force or forever. It is about their choice. That is why democracy is about the government of the people; by the people and for the people.

Your leadership is not a constant factor or world in that definition, but the ‘people’.

I wish Obaseki and Akeredolu the best of luck with their party people.

That is the way of democracy!

In democracy, your participation character; governing virtues and how much you have been able to make your party people happy are everything and the keys.

In democracy, you cannot continue to impose your character on the people. It is if the majority want you.

Democracy is a game of number, and in the game, the wish of the majority holds the aces”

– Olukayode Salako.

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