Access Bank Enhances Cross-Border Payments As It Partners Thunes

Access Bank Africa has embarked on a strategic partnership with Thunes, a prominent global payment infrastructure platform to enhance cross-border payments in Africa.

NewsReport Nigeria reports that in a statement stated by Access Bank says that the primary objective of this collaboration is to streamline and simplify cross-border transfers and payments, benefiting both customers and non-customers of Access Africa.

However, the Senior Advisory Retail, Access Bank, Robert Giles said; “This strategic partnership reinforces Access Africa’s commitment to providing customers and non-customers with access to top-quality remittance services.”

“Thunes is a cross-border payments network founded in 2016 that enables corporates and financial institutions to move funds seamlessly and provide financial services in emerging markets.”

“Our partnership will significantly expand the reach of Access Africa’s payment and remittance services to over 100 more countries, and expose Thunes to all 60 million + customers of Access Africa with over 600 branch locations.”

“Through this partnership, customers of Access Africa (both account and non-account holders) will be able to make simple international payments, as well as receive diaspora inflows in USD from countries in Africa, Americas, APAC, Europe, Greater China, and MENA, in the form of cash or bank deposits.”

“The partnership between Access Africa’s Payment and Remittance services and Thunes will bring the benefits of modern digital payment technology to the parties involved, addressing the frictions of the traditional bank-based cross-border payment flows, and making payments faster, easier, and more transparent.”

“This collaboration will bring significant improvements to the African Fintech ecosystem and payment infrastructure.”

On the other hand, the Executive Vice President for Thunes, Aik Boon Tan, said; “Access Africa has been at the forefront of innovation in the African banking sector, and is one of the largest banks on the continent.”

“We are excited for the future of our partnership with Access Africa as we aim to enhance the connections between Africa and the rest of the world, bringing major improvements to customers who need to make regular cross-border payments to and from African markets.”

For those who don’t know, Thunes is a cross-border payments network renowned for connecting over 130 countries into a single network, offers seamless, interoperable, and frictionless cross-border payments, making it the ideal partner for Access Africa’s ambitions.

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