Grace Nation: The Help of God is the Help of Man – Dr Chris Okafor


… deal with resistance you must first deal with self


When dealing with resistance,the first issue to deal with is the issue of self, when you deal with the spirit that will not allow prayers to work withing yourself then you can fight any resistance that comes your way.

Preaching on the Topic Resistance,The Generational Prophet of God and Senior Pastor Grace Nation International aka Liberation City Dr Chris okafor speaking at the Midweek Prophetic Healing, Deliverance, and Solution service PHDS said you must first recognized which one God has sent to you to deliver you from the work of the devil, if you deal with the spirit of failures fighting you then you can fight any spirit of resistance resisting you from getting to your place of inheritance.

The Generational Prophet of God said there is God help and there is also human help, God will not come down to help you , he will sent a man to help you but it is left for you to recognize the one he has sent to help you, some people, there problem is character, when your character is bad you cannot attract God’s help, the man of God said some hindrance is caused by ignorance, when you believe you know all, whereas you don’t know anything, but when you first discover yourself, you resist every plan of the enemies.

Speaking on how to break out of resistance, the Apostle of altars said the first step to fight resistance is to be delivered from self, when your inner mind is on fire, you resist any evil network and you are set free.

When you recognize your helper of destiny by celebrating and recognizing their support, resistance will be broken on your behalf, the Generational Prophet of God remarks.

Deliverance,Healings and Restoration of glory were evidential during the Realms of the Prophetic at the service, evil altars bow to higher Authority while the Generational Prophet of God make declarations, Miracle babies released as fibroids melt out physically at the service.

Prophetic service continue in Grace Nation world-wide on Sunday at all Branches of the church. You can join Dr Chris okafor for the Sunday Glorious and prophetic Service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, if you want power, your marriage,finance, breakthrough,visa and the rest Join Dr Chris okafor for life changing encounter, your life will never remain the same Amen.

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