Bella Shmurda Demands Justice for Mohbad’s Death

Bella Shmurda Demands Justice for Mohbad’s Death


Nigerian singer, Abiola Ahmed Akinbiyi, widely recognised as Bella Shmurda, has recently responded to the tragic passing of his fellow artiste, Mohbad, which occurred last Tuesday.

In his heartfelt post, he insisted that justice must prevail, whether through legal or other means.

Mohbad’s Death: What We Know So Far
Mohbad, whose real name was Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, was a rising star in the Nigerian music industry.

He was known for his hit songs such as Ponmo, Feel Good, and KPK (Ko Por Ke) with Rexxie.

Mohbad was signed under Naira Marley’s Marlian Records but left the label in 2022 amid some controversies.

According to some reports, Mohbad died from an ear infection after receiving an injection at a hospital.

However, there are also rumours that he was attacked by some members of a rival confraternity over a dispute involving Naira Marley and Sam Larry, a music executive.

His death has shocked and saddened many fans, celebrities, and colleagues who have paid tribute to him on social media.

Bella Shmurda’s Outrage and Call for Action
Bella Shmurda expressed his grief and outrage on his X handle, addressing the untimely death of his close friend, Mohbad.

He called for the apprehension of not only Mohbad’s alleged assailants but also individuals like Naira Marley and Sam Larry, emphasising the importance of police involvement in the matter.

Mr. Shmurda stressed the urgency of the situation, urging authorities to take swift action to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

He wrote, “In the past few days have tried my best not to carry phone nd type anything but Mohbad spirit won’t let me rest knowing I’m the only one make his spirit calm by making those of them who make him live in fear nd almost with nothing to feed on never also get rest nd he don start yes I mean wahaLa just wan start like this I NO GO GREE nd I mean it Samlarry nd whole marlians music must be arrested make all of us Dey police nd if the Nigerian police too weak as body to fish this people out we do it street, legal or illegal any which way like this war don start

If they all ran out the country which shows that they’re actually guilty of whatever crime were said to have committed by them, then it means they’re guilty nd they all know they should never come back nd they should ban from entering the country for life.”

In another tweet, he further emphasised that the specific confraternity someone belonged to was inconsequential.

He fervently called for an immediate and thorough investigation to identify and bring the culprits to justice.

Pounds for pounds, flesh for flesh
Whether u be aiye oo,eiye oo,or sealords whatever it may be this boy sang for make us happy, jubilate, think, rejoice supported even while is in pains nd living in fear now it’s our time to do our part for him I want everyone with one voice let get him justice all hands on deck #justice for Mohbad fish dem out legal or illegal”, he wrote.

His statements have generated extensive reactions from both individuals and comments expressing support for Bella Shurmda’s statement.

@OGBdeyforyou commented, “Illegal ti wa okay, leave legal for GOD”.

@_communicator_ commented, “Naira Marley, Sam Lerry and others deIt with Mohbad illegally.. but, the Iegally always take too long and most times, no justice. This is saddening”.

@BolanleCole also commented, “I respect your boldness Bella, you are a friend indeed. We are with you on this. Justice must be served”.

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