April 24, 2024

Cameroun Limit Breaker Conference: Prayers and Sacrifices are Catalyst that Breaks Limitations – Dr Chris Okafor.

Cameroun Limit Breaker Conference: Prayers and Sacrifices are Catalyst that Breaks Limitations – Dr Chris Okafor.

…. Yaounde on fire with Prophetic Movement as The Limit Breaker Conference Progresses

Prayer gives divine advantage for God to act on your behalf, though People die but the prayer on them cannot die, it goes as far as breaking Limitations

Speaking at the Day one of the Cameroun Prophetic conference The Limit Breaker, the Generational Prophet of God and The Senior Pastor, Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor specifically lay emphasises on the Subject of the Day BREAKING LIMITATIONS said there are lots of Limitations confronting the child of God, and there will be more!, but immediately you realized you are equipped with the Word of God and Can implement it through Prayers, You will break limits.

The Apostle of altars also remarked that the Israel’s fought so many battles before getting to Jericho, but because God Promises is upon his people , the wall of Jericho and limitation that should stop them fall down flat. That barrier projected to stop them break and they break every Limitations.


Therefore to breaks limitations, barriers, Problems, Promise and fails, Sickness and Poverty just to mention but few, You must be strong and upright in Prayer, if you can pray without ceasing, You will break Limitations.

The Generational Prophet of God also said with sacrifice, making yourself available to serve God in truth and in Spirit, you will break Limitations, when you Partner with God, he in return stand by you to Break barriers and Limitations in your Life.

The Limit Breaker Conference Witness supernatural hand of God with diverse kind of Miracles, deliverance Healing Restoration and Solution to different limitations in Life. Family altars were destroyed and Evil Family Limitations Broken by God because when God visit Town with revival anything’s can happen.

The Day Two of the ongoing conference will be more brutal according to the servant of God Dr Chris Okafor, Pls don’t joke with this ongoing conference, God specifically sent me to the Good People of Cameroun and I must deliver the message, tell everyone to Make themselves available on day 2, Thursday 21st March 2024 at 13-15 Yaounde Multipurpose Sport Hall in Yaounde Cameroun by 4pm, Join Me, let Pray together because if there is a Man to Pray on earth there is God in Heaven to Answer Prayers.

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