February 28, 2024

Honour Well Deserved As Mercurial Seer Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe aka Genesis Bags African Elites Award

Honour Well Deserved As Mercurial Seer Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe aka Genesis Bags African Elites Award

~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi


One of our very own; resourceful, giant stride and a radical for Christ. Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe known as Genesis, was on the 1st of February; 2024 honoured at ‘Sheu Musa Yaradua Center; FC T. Abuja’.

The honour was done,by African Elites Award, with the theme: “Empowering and upgrading the business mindset of grassroots and start-up entrepreneurs” in recognition of Prophet Genesis’s creativity in all his endeavors and being an ambassador of Christ in Christendom.This feat, is part of the numerous heights attained in 2024 by Genesis, as he’s fondly called.

The young but mercurial Seer in the world today. Gallantry,combatant and cuteness – all conjugates,when he is seen on the pulpits preaching the gospel as he was sent by his father in heaven.

A brief look into Genesis’s biography,would reveal his ancestry and outstanding cum innate abilities. Of course, he is from ‘Egba’ in Ogun State.

He hails from Ogundipe’s Family, in Egba area of Ogun. His elementary education commenced in Lagos, without any form of dent.

An astute achiever: Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe is one of the generations of elites,who has fought tirelessly,in bringing young dynamic youths entrepreneurs together for Christ from one of his popular annual program ‘Standouts’ which has impacted thousands of youths within the society and in diaspora.


It is usually said that,the things that are seen,are controlled by the things not seen. Just as simply put,those of Christian faith would say,”the spiritual controls the physical.” In that vein therefore, all accolades about this quintessential prophet of God may not be complete,without a mention of his spirituality and religious influences: Genesis wielded great influence; as he started his Christianity rase from Christ Apostolic Church CAC even though he was said to have come from a Muslim background He is one of the pioneers founder of CCC Genesis Global situated in Duro Ishola street off Dalemo Alakuko road Lagos.

While discharging his duties;in various capacities in the church,he is an accurate preacher, a dynamic motivational speaker who adhered to biblical counsel of not having one’s youth despised. A young man,who lives his life in sanctity, purpose and in the fear of God.

This meritorious award has not come on a platter of gold,he has sacrificed for it. It is deserving of a man with the heart of gold, a man who never looks down on anyone, but is readily available to contribute his quota, to every good course.

Let’s wish him well. Once again; a big congratulation to a noble prophet of God.

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