What Most Actresses Do To Get Movie Roles – Funke Etti

Funke Etti

Nollywood star, Funke Etti, has debunked speculations about Nollywood actresses being compelled to change their skin colour for movie roles due to the preference attached to light-skinned women.

“It is not true that people have to bleach to get roles, however, there is no big deal in women toning their skin.

“Toning is different from bleaching. I have never experienced such, so that is why I don’t believe this notion. I think the people who do that, take that decision based on their personal reasons.

“Another challenge in the movie industry is the fact that producers spend so much money on movies but hardly get a return on their investment.

“It never used to be like that but these days, a lot of marketers complain about how the bad economy in the country affects their sales.

“I have never been discouraged by that because my movies always sell in the market.

“The only effect it has on the movies I produce is that the level of sales has drastically dropped,” she told Saturday Beats.

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