I Started By Singing Fuji Music @ Age 5 – Olaniyi Kehinde Oladele “Kenny King”

Fast rising music star in a chat with group of Media practitioners speaks about his career in entertainment industry, how he turned his talent to commercial use, says so many things about his life and career in this interview, kindly relax, read and enjoy it.

Tell us about your background

I am Olaniyi Kehinde Oladele a.k.a Kenny King, I was born on the 15th of January in Bariga, and brought up like a typical Nigerian child. As a young child, I was drawn to a particular genre of music and also talented in mimicking various artistes and imitating their style.

QUES : How long have you been in music industry and why did you choose music as a career.

I started singing ‘Fuji’ at primary five, wowed by my teachers, and even went ahead to perform at parties. The confidence I got from cheers and praises at these parties pushed me to join the choir at a local Celestial Church of God. I also learnt to play the instruments, especially drums. Before long, I became the Music Director.

QUES : How many song have you released so far ?

Currently, I have two ready singles and there is one coming up soon- Ire,
and Ara e dide

QUES: Why did you think Music is your way?

The bible says the gift I give a man will surely make way for him. The bible also added, that same gift will make him sit dawn besides the Kings and the queens.

For me Music has been a natural gift that God use through me to add value to humanity. Through music I have stands before Governors and highly recognised personalities. Through music I have communicated to people all over the world simply because I performed with Daystar Choir. A lot of things had happen to me simply because I’m a musician which gave me confident that music is my way no doubt.

QUES: Who are the top artiste that you have collaborated with ?

I was once the major Soloist for a rap group called “BrickCity” (now based in Canada), and I have worked with some bands and artistes like ige kachi MTN Project Fame, Yinka Davis, D-bass, Seun Owoaje, TYmix, and some of the ‘E-kelly’ guys.

Tell us about Your new song if you have any that you want to release.

The new song I’m working on to be released is “Gospel fuji”. Singing Fuji is one of the genres I can do with my voice also and I love doing it base on the fact it highly accepted in my church Daystar Christian Centre and other churches. Its also the genre that God used in bringing me into lime light. So taking Gospel Fuji globally is a GOAL!

QUES: What’s your family and educational background like ?

We are family of six, two boys and two girls of which I’m the first born. Both of my parents are from Ogun State.
Diploma in music. Lagos State University.

.QUES: What should your fans be expecting from you.

Sometimes people do tell me I don’t have a style base on the fact that I can do some genres of music. But I told my self “my not having a style is my style” which means to the Glory of GOD I am a versatile singer.
So my fans should expect Something fantastic, unique plus new ideas…

QUES: As a fast rising, artiste who are the top artist you are looking at as your mentor,

I consistently listened to Lagbaja, Femi Kuti, Fela Kuti, Orlando Owoh, Sunny Ade, Seyi Solagbade, and a few others. These were people of whom I got inspiration from, with Alabi Pasuma being my greatest Fuji mentor and inspiration.

QUES : Who are those in the industry you still wish to sing with that you think will give you more fame ?

2 baba ( 2face idibia), Lagbaja, Pasuma , Johnny souroue (Republic of benin) and the biggest of all King Sunny Ade.

QUES: Did your parents support your music career ?

NO… especially my Dad he never supported me it was latter when my Mum started seeing me on stage she started supporting me. To be very candid it was when I left Obafemi Awolowo University to Study local government studies because that was where my father wanted me to start from. To the Glory of GOD I went to Lagos State University to study music on my own of which my parent did not know about it.

QUES : Why did you choose church as base, why not lounge , hotel etc ?

I didn’t choose church God Chose me, prepare me, developed me, anointed me for ministering in the church. My music is not cut out only to the saved but also for the unsaved. My Goal is for people to receive their healing, deliverance and divine revelations through my music.

QUES: What’s your take on Nigeria democracy ?

My take on Nigeria democracy is that our leaders are not practicing democracy rather they practice pocketcracy…

QUES : Lastly , your message that can *PULSE THE CITY*
My message is “there is one thing in you that the whole world is in need of”. As human, what you need to do is to discover it, developed it and give it a commercial value. Then you use it to add value to humanity, humanity will now pay in return with value which will now add value to you as human being.

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