If Tekno is punished, politicians should also pay for their crimes — Ksolo


Singer and producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, aka K-Solo, has shared his opinion about Federal Government’s threat to make Augustine Kelechi, popularly called Tekno, a scapegoat.

Recall that Tekno had caused a stir in the Lekki area of Lagos some weeks ago when he was sighted moving with some scantily-clad women in a van. It was later learnt that a video was being shot for his song, Agege. The visuals contain scenes of four semi-nude women dancing in a moving van on the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge.

This caused the director general of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Olusegun Runsewe, to express disappointment that despite ongoing investigations into the incident, Tekno went ahead to release the video. Runsewe then stated that the artiste would be made a scapegoat as his ‘conduct is a threat to national security.’

However, in a chat with SUNDAY SCOOP, K-Solo stated that the government should focus on issues of national importance, rather than crucify Tekno. “I don’t have a problem with the government punishing Tekno, as nobody is above the law. My take is that if they want to punish him, they should, but they don’t need to hype it in the news. Does what he did warrant him being threatened to be made a scapegoat of? There are troubling issues the government needs to address. Most of the laws in our constitution are borrowed. If Tekno had shot that video on the streets of Texas (USA), I’m sure you wouldn’t see it in the news. You won’t see the government stoop so low to talk about someone who is trying to shoot a music video. It is the height of joblessness.

“They want to punish and make him a scapegoat because he shot a video with semi-nude girls on the street? They should go and rest. We are trying to build Lagos into a tourist centre (for crying out loud). If Tekno gets punished, then every Nigerian politician should be punished for whatever crimes they commit.


“Nudity is not a crime. In some countries, people strip for a living and they make money from it. There are some particular clubs in Nigeria that some politicians troop to for lap dances from strippers. It is sad that most of them are now putting up holier-than-thou attitude. That is why we need a functional body to regulate our airwaves. If we fix our regulatory bodies, we won’t be complaining about sexual content on the airwaves.”

Speaking on his current activities, the Bam Bam singer said, “I just started a project called ‘Masterclass with K-Solo’. It is a way to help the industry grow by training the new generation of music producers. There are many people who are into music production in Nigeria that didn’t go to school. They don’t know how to get information from the Internet. We are training these new talents.

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