Exclusive: Ragga Star Majek Fashek Suffering From Cancer

Nigeria’s veteran Entertainment Journalist based in the USA Azuka Jebose has revealed that ragga artiste who is currently in admission in a London hospital is suffering from cancer.

Here is his findings

Nigeria’s eccentric reggae music superstar, Majek Fashek has cancer of the neck and throat. Cancer has also spread to his throat and hovering around these parts of his body, flogging him with severe pains, movement restrictions and also slowly losing his voice.

Cancer may also be furiously spreading to other organs of his body. In a video released this morning by his Manager, Majek seemed disoriented and in pains. His voice was hoarse.

“…The ears, nose and throat are the most common areas affected by head and neck cancers. Symptoms of this cancer may depend on where cancer develops and how it spreads. For example, tumors in the larynx or pharynx may be discovered as a lump in the throat. Cancer in the mouth may cause sores in the mouth or swelling of the jaw.

In addition to physical signs of head and neck cancer, these tumors often cause symptoms that are similar to less serious conditions, like the common cold. Changes in voice, headaches, sore throat or a cough may be symptoms of throat cancer. Pain or ringing in the ears may also accompany certain head and neck cancers.

Some common symptoms of head and neck cancer tumors include:

A lump in the nose, neck or throat, with or without pain:A persistent sore throat trouble, swallowing .(dysphagia):Unexplained weight loss Frequent coughing:Change in voice or hoarseness

Ear pain or trouble hearing:Headaches:A red or white patch in the mouth

Bad breath that’s unexplained by hygiene:Nasal obstruction or persistent congestion:

* Frequent nose bleeds or unusual discharge:Trouble breathing…” (source: American Cancer Society)

Please pay attention to this video herein which was recorded by his manager: Majek is seen here being prepped at a London hospital for treatment. He complained about the excruciating pains on his neck, also pay attention to the end wherein the manager appealed to the nurses to treat him so he could be “fit for chemo”.

This is a developing story. Stay with me.


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