Covid-19 Pandemic: CMC brings smile to Nigerian

A leading Public relations practitioner and image maker of many leading icons in the ever- growing entertainment industry, Cornel Udofia, is blazing the trail in a time when socio-economic activities have been grounded to a halt forcing many only to hope for the rising of the sun. The Akwa Ibom scion is well known for his astuteness to the course of the nation’s development. He is seen taking up the baton of diligence where many are taking a nap in their comfort zones, this unique characteristic is evidenced by his promptness to work, and all-rounder instinct that stands him out amongst his equals.

The United Nation Ambassador for Peace, Amb. Cornel Udofia had taken up the challenge of distributing hand sanitizers and medical supplies to people from indigent backgrounds when the first index cases of the Covid-19 pandemic were announced by the Ministry of Health in the country. In addition, the well decorated PR expert had in the wake of the two-weeks lockdown order declared by President Muhammadu Buhari stepped up the humanitarian campaign by doling out palliatives for the troubling times in terms of food items, medical supplies and cash gifts.


The Convener of CMC awards who is prominently reckoned for being vocal in appealing for the common good of the citizens is a man who says what he does, and does what he says. Ambassador Cornel Udofia can be likened to a lighthouse in the uncharted waters of the turbulent seas of the body polity.

According to him, ‘’Taking up the challenge of meeting up the needs especially in a time like this, is a crucial step towards alleviating the living standards of our people. It is sad to hear in the news how government have done little or nothing in taking care of her citizens during this stay-at-home period, despite the agonizing plea of the poor. Myself and my able team, however, thought it necessary and took the steps in the right direction in making many to smile and putting food on their tables. Even if the menace of Covid-19 is holding the world by the throat, we owe ourselves the duty of showing love to the needy, kindness to the homeless, and care for those around’’.

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