Your conscience is the awareness in you which tells you whether you are right or wrong. It is natural or spiritual alert put in you to guide your conducts, intentions or character. It also gives you a feeling of obligation to do right or good. Let your conscience be alive and clear always. Don’t deaden your conscience because of money. 1Timothy 4 verse 2 says so e Christians would delight in speaking lies in hypocrisy. Such people according to Apostle Paul have already seared their conscience with a hot iron. Don’t be one of them. Acts 24:16 says: ” And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men”.

If your conscience is alive, you can actually receive alerts from God in your spirit man that a business deal you are about to conclude can go awry or is not good. The types of alert we receive differ from person to person. These are some of the usual alerts from God:
Loss of Peace- Typically a Christian should not be agitated over anything. But if during a business negotiation you lose your calm, then something is wrong. Such a person would have noticed that he/she easily gets agitated spiritually when there is an impending danger. Each time he wants to proceed with the business he loses his calm without any explanation.
Spirit of Discernment- This is to he ability to make good judgements about a person or something. It could be by just carefully thinking about the person or thing. This is not about logical reasoning but a spiritual interpretation of a situation. Anyone with the spirit of discernment would notice and understand situations quickly. He would also be able to make right judgement on the sour of the moment.

Voice of God or the Holy Spirit- Some people can hear God clearly and unambiguously. Such voices would warn you categorically that you will get your finger burnt if you continue with the business deal.
Trance- You can also go into a trance in a spot second during which you will see clearly what the outcome of the deal would be.
Dream- Many people are gifted with the ability to have clear, unambiguous dreams. Such dreams are usually about what would happen in the future.
Intuition- This is a feeling you have that something has happey somewhere even if you are not there. Someone who is intuitive is able to understand situations or the outcome of a transaction even when all facts are contrary to his feeling.

Once the alert cones don’t ignore it, don’t explain it away, and don’t wish it away. Obey it. Don’t let your conscience be deadened because you are in business. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. (Isaiah 59:1) However, before these alerts can work for you, you too must have a guilt-free conscience. Once there is a feeling of guilt along he way, be ready to out your gear in the reverse. Even if you are at the point of concluding the deal, give an excuse and say you would like to sleep over it again. Initially you may lose some businesses because you are being extra careful but as time goes on you will realize that the Holy Spirit cannot be wrong. Also, be willing to do restitution if by any error you have benefitted from wrong deal. You have to do this because whatever you sow, you will reap.

Confess positive things into your spirit man every time. Confess positive things about yourself, your family as well as your business always. Bless people around you I stead of cursing them or being flippant. Your wife, your children, workers, business associates need your blessing. Tell them you are a carrier of God’s power which you use positively only. Proverbs 18:21 says: ” Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. The reality that you are a carrier of power must be with you every where you go. So you have to be careful what you do or say.
Be careful how you do your charity. Do not look down in the poor as being lazy, no, do not lead an ostentatious life because you want people to know that you have arrived. The I spirations you have in business came from God. They were not by your wisdom. Isaiah 55 verse 10 says: ” It is the Lord’s blessing that makes you wealthy. Hard work (alone) can make you no richer”
Finally, as a citizen of Zion, don’t sing the Lord’s sing in Babylon. What do I mean by this? As a believer, always give God the glory for whatever achievement you have. Don’t be boastful, don’t be arrogant. If you want to celebrate a successful business deal, don’t throw a riotous party, but a praise-worship . As a successful believer, do not for any reasons hang out with drunkards and gluttons because you are looking for business contacts. That would be going to Egypt to seek help. Proverbs 21 verses 20 & 21 says: be not among wine bibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh: for the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rag.

As you do all these, peoywill testify to the fact that you are indeed Christian believer. They would never introduce dubious businesses to you because they already know your stand about such businesses. They would check themselves if they want to colude and cheat you. They would tell whoever cares to listen that you are the apple of God’s eye, and that is why you escape from awry business transactions and other dangerous situations in life.

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