Zamfara State Governor, Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) has pledged to support the Jamaatu Izalatil Bidah Wa Ikamatussunnah (JBWIS) to build an Islamic University in the state.

He made the pledge when the leadership of the group under Sheikh Bala Lau paid him a courtesy call at the Government House today.

Governor Matawalle, who announced an initial cash donation of N100 million for the kick off of the University said nothing is too much for the development of education.

He called on Governors and wealthy individuals to support this initiative as, according to him, JIBWIS is a trustworthy group genuinely out to help the development of mankind.

Governor Matawalle expressed his worry that the bane of Northern Nigeria today is linked to lack of education coupled with poor parental training.

“today, we have become a fragmented society, hating one another. We have become vulnerable to bad people who are all out to use us against ourselves to achieve their selfish goals”, Matawalle observed.

Matawalle observed further that the problems of banditry and kidnappings have become rampant in the region because Northerners no longer love themselves and have become easy prey to machinations of the bad eggs among ourselves.

“I have done what I could to establish peace in my state. I will continue to do more to save our people from any evil. You as scholars must do more to educate our people as proper education is the bed rock of responsible society”, Matawalle told the visiting leaders of the group.

Earlier, the leader of the group, Sheikh Bala Lau told the Governor that his team was in the state to inspect a school donated to the group by the former Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa at Shinkafi Town.

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