Attack On The Church By Christians Is Satanic – Apostle Courage

Recalling the constant attack on the Church by fellow Christians as Ungodly while the enemy is sitting there laughing at their mischief and their playful misbehavour for being Divided. It is call to duty for believer to strengthen one another in love instead of portraying one another as bad and evil because there are a few mistakes. Apostle Courage indicates is as Natural in every facet of life. There should be a high level of discipline, and character value.

Adding that Maturity Is the ability to disagree on doctrine and yet not attacking each other on social media but remain brothers & sisters. How a perrson prays Or preaches, prophesy, worship is according to the Grace & Revelation given to them by God and they are accountable to the God who called them, not you.

To this end, Apostle Courage proffered that it was high time government turned to God and properly open up churches, adding that streaming services cannot be compared to physical services..

However, in spite of the government’s effort to manage the situation, the numbers have not been reduced. Nevertheless, the decision to indefinitely suspend Public Worship activities across the globe is certainly inappropriate and needs to be re considered.

Quoting from the Hoy Scripture that “I will build my church & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.*** (Matthew 16:18)
And “There are different administrations of the spirit but the same Lord”. According to (I Corinthians 12:5)

God Is too big to be confined to one dimension!*** It is a call to duty for the believer to strengthen one another.

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