How 17 Nigerian Widows, Widowers Found Cassava Processing Factory In Ogun State

Nigeria’s Dreamfo widows and widowers sector is still largely evolving and unable to cope with the daily needs for widows/widowers of the country’s population of over 180 good million. There are key players in the Dreamfo Multi-purpose Cooperative sector who needed to be reach out to in Nigerian.

Cassava processing food is a good and lucrative business with largest consumers in Nigeria that is why seventeen Dreamfo widows, widowers comes together by demonstrated total commitment to developing the sector, thus blazing a trail that others may follow.

When Dreamfo widows/widowers and multi-purpose cooperative, Nigeria’s leading cassava processing factory began its multi-billion naira Development Programme (MDP) few years ago, not many people in the agricultural sector and cassava food processing knew this seventeen widows, widowers prospect Projects it was in it for the long haul, because similar efforts by others had failed in the past. This story is a lesson in corporate commitment and Nigeria at large. In just a few short years, the factory’s commitment to growth and the development of Nigeria’s agricultural, cassava food processing sector has yielded encouraging results.

Today, over 500 rural widows, widowers within Opic Estate at Agbara in Ogun State, where Dreamfo Multi-purpose Cooperative and cassava food processing factory operates its successful scheme, have been sharing huge testimonies of how the DCP has improved their lives, living conditions and livelihood, amid the thousands of farmers and widows/ widowers who are benefitting from the scheme.

Recently, some widows, widowers gave account and shared little testimony on Dreamfo cassava food processing factory.

Smiling as they reflected on what had changed since the advent of DCP including the real founder of Dreamfo Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi who is an illustrious Daughter of Akure in Ondo State who resides in London told this writer, “at Dreamfo where seventeen widows/widowers comes together to actualised their dreams and visions of establishment cassava processing factory in our dear County the giant of Africa Nigeria.

In addition to the boost in Dreamfo widows, widowers income and economy sustainability, some beneficiaries, like many other widows and widowers in farming and agricultural especially those in some cassava processing, testifies to the immense social and lifestyle benefits that the Projects has brought their way. Saying further, “some widows said they’re now belong to a women forum they encouraged us to form and join where we learn and discuss things of great benefit to us as widows. Before, things were very hard, but today, our lives and that of our family is easier. Some even said they have even started an additional business of selling and taking this beyond Agbara in Ogun State.

While another widows said, “I now have time to do other things as my family makes steady income from selling raw starch and Garri from Dreamfo widows, widowers cassava food factory to the people outside the jurisdiction. Also with more people coming to trade and live among us, this boosts our sales as we sell other things like foodstuff to the community and transporters.”

Both women like many others in the Agbara communities use some portion of Garri, Elubo known as white powder supplied to the market women to nourish their families.

According to Mrs Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi, Managing Director and Founder Dreamfo, “Our multi-purpose cooperative widows, widowers cassava food processing factory Development Programme has supported many young widowers farms where cassava processing factory projects are currently running and there are more under development.

Saying further, widows, widowers were trained on entrepreneurial and leadership skills to increase their income and sources of livelihood. They would also be trained on vocations fabric designs and dress making.

Windows, Widowers’ families living in those axis and its environs will be enhanced communities usage of potable water which would be provided by Dreamfo Multi-purpose cooperative and cassava food processing factory for domestic and personal hygiene like cooking, cleaning and drinking.

As some of these windows, widowers have made significant socio-economic progress; a good number moved out of the thatched huts they used to live in.

Again, in Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi’s voice “Dreamfo cassava processing factory is the first chapter of our history and a new era for the cassava food processing industry in Nigeria. Studies show that 95% of farmers in Nigeria are nomadic and they face challenges such as lack of knowledge, poor infrastructure and low financing. Dreamfo widows, widowers cassava food processing stimulates local sourcing of raw cassava, starch and Garri.

The Dreamfo widows, widowers cassava food processing has grown new sources of income for rural widows/widowers and they have direct control over this income. There is increased food security for rural families and Dreamfo products have become more available and affordable for these widows and their families in the cassava food, starch and garri producing communities.

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