“To whom much is given much is expected”, this is a popular cliche and this is also applicable to God. God has given us a whole lot of things from the gift of life and it will be a mark of ingratitude if we don’t take a stock.

All is set as the family of Emmanuel Clement plans to dedicate their son, Fortune Emmanuel to the Glory of God. Fortune, who is almost two month of existence has been earnestly longing to go to church. He easily get attracted each time he hears the sound of Music and Prayers.

We are so delighted with much gratitude to God as we take Fortune Emmanuel to church for official dedication, we are inviting as many as will dim it fit to attend, slated to commence on 20th September 2020 at Faith Builders Bible Church, located at Olayemi Kunlere street, Amule bus stop, Ayobo Lagos.

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