COVID-19: Chi Limited Provides Relief Support

In line with its commitment to support the Federal and State Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria, Chi Limited has announced the donation of some of its products to the COVID-19 Presidential Taskforce and to several Isolation & Treatment Centers across States of the Federation.

The donation, which included 15,000 packs of Hollandia Evap Milk, will provide significant and much needed support in the fight against the virus. Hollandia Evap Milk provides the nourishment the body needs and is an essential requirement for both healthcare workers who are at the frontline tackling the pandemic, and patients undergoing treatment at this time.

Chi Limited expressed appreciation to healthcare professionals and other frontline workers for their tireless and unrelenting efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As a responsible corporate citizen, the company is committed to providing healthy nourishment for frontline medical personnel as they work to make a difference in the lives of the Nigerian population.

Hollandia Evap Milk is fortified with nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamins D, B1, B6, and B12 which can help to boost the body’s immune system. Also contained in the product are body building Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates. As medical experts have confirmed, having a healthy immune system is especially important to defend the body against viruses, bacteria and other illnesses.

Managing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, commended the Government, Health professionals, and other key stakeholders who have been at the forefront of combating the COVID-19 pandemic. He noted that, “In the midst of this crisis, our frontline healthcare workers are being tasked like never before. We commend and thank them for their dedication, commitment and relentless efforts at this trying time.”

“We understand the challenges that COVID-19 currently poses to our communities. We are grateful to be able to give back by supporting our healthcare workers and those affected by the COVID-19 disease who are currently in Isolation & Treatment Centers across the country. With our nourishing Hollandia Evap Milk, we can provide them with the required nutrition they need at this time. We believe that together, we can beat this,” Mr. Roy stated.

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