The most recent events leading to the much anticipated election year in Edo state Nigeria has displayed a scenario widely plaque with internal mudslinging and unbridled attacks with the potential of causing a colossal loss to the party if immediate care and actions are not taken.
The push and pull scenario that has caused the ruling APC to be a topic of discuss amongst Nigerians at home and far away in diaspora has put paid to the existent say that power blinds all within its reach. The near absence of any central control figure, personality, or mechanism within the rich cultural and political heritage of our dear Edo state, ushered in fresh fears.
Not until Chief John Odigie Oyegun rose up to the occasion and filled in the gap of statesmanship needed at this dark hour of Edo state and stated with all equivocal sincerity and clarity the need to allow the incumbent governor, H.E Godwin N. Obaseki to be fielded as the primary candidate for the APC in the guber election slated for later this year.
Chief Oyegun’s pedigree and political clout is not new to anyone aside his extensive touch through the length and breath of Nigeria and across political divides. He also did leave a large shoe as APC chairman that sadly have remained largely unreplaced till date. He is a man of silence, culture, respect, and integrity. One that always offers few words that are classified with ingenuity, substance, and truth.
So when Chief Oyegun stepped up last 2 weeks and made a press conference stating in unequivocal terms the need to support H.E Godwin Obaseki for a second term, all men with sane and sincere hearts of reason would do well to accept this truth which is backed with clear facts.
It is not a hidden fact that Chief Oyegun upon leaving the office as National Chairman of the ruling APC has maintained a position of saying truth that affects the common man positively in Nigeria, alongside enjoying a considerable cordial relationship with President Buhari and as such his candid words regarding the performance of the incumbent governor and the collective desire of Edo citizens would be upheld and respected by the president.
Chief Oyegun is a well accomplished states man that has not only achieved success in life but has also created same for millions of Nigerians using his placement within governance to achieve this feat. It behoves on the federal government to listen to a man of such impeccable status and not only step in to stop the aggression towards the incumbent governor but go further and allow the wise words of the surviving great grand father of Edo politics be the necessary political light and guide as the party navigates towards the next election, bearing in mind, when the thunder crackles (words from a great leader like Chief Oyegun) and its adhered too, it ushers in the rain (victory for the APC in the next election).

Engr. Paul Arabome (Mspe) writes in from North America


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