Incredibly hilarious Baba D Baba have carved a niche for himself in the fast growing entertainment sector of the Nigerian economy, the comedian cum actor who is known for always in search of a perfect cook for wife, in this interview with CAROLINE CHARLES-BASSEY of Classic International Magazine Online bares his mind on the effect Covid-19 lockdown on entertainers, the over bearing menace of rape in the society, amongst other sundry issues. Enjoy the excerpt

How are you coping with the lockdown?
I am fine by the grace of God. Its been excruciating but the grace found me and here we are today surviving in the Lord.

In what ways has it affected your business as a comedian cum actor?
It stopped money from coming in as nobody is allowed to organize events and other social engagement. It also disorganized the plans I have for the year

Now that the lockdown is easing off gradually, do you foresee the economy picking up quickly?
The truth is that God will always provide for me even in time of crisis like this. This is Nigeria, no matter what happens, the economy will bounce back except if our leaders are playing politics with it as usual.

How can you appraise Federal Government’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic, are there things you think should have been done differently?
Sharing money in form of palliatives to citizens would have made more sense to me because I didnt see any serious case of Coronavirus in Nigeria apart from the figures being released every day. However, businesses were totally closed down and people suffered untold hardship and government seemed not caring enough to the plights of the people.

Do you think Covid-19 figures in Nigeria are fictitious?
We may have real cases but I don’t believe the figures being dished out on daily basis. In fact, I dont listen to Coronavirus news any more.

Considering the accusations of Kogi and Cross River States against NCDC, do you think the processes of handling the pandemic in Nigeria are politicized?
For us in Nigeria, the Pandemic is business. From what some governors had said, its clear that they are being paid to accept the Coronavirus cases in their states.

How did we get to this point as a nation and what do you think should be done at this stage to put things in order?
The problem is fetishism! When people go diabolic just to be in power, they tend to be careless about their fellow human beings.

While the number of positive patients of COVID-19 is in the increase, government is relapsing the lockdown, what do you think?
That is to say that there are no real cases in Nigeria simple.

What do you advice government to do at this point?
I advise they should announce that the cases have been treated or since theres no cure yet, let them partner with some Pastors who will claim they healed the patients.

So what will happen?
What will happen is that it will save them the drama and embarrassment of having to explain to Nigerians whom they had made to believe that we had real cases whereas we see people in isolation centers dancing every day.

The menace of rape is in the increase in our society, have you joined the advocacy against it and what do you think about it?
I sincerely dont talk about rape, however, I believe things that should be said about rape are being ignored because people get too emotional about rape. Nobody talks about prevention and precautions against it. Many rape cases are self-attracted.
Parents should monitor their kids while adult should be careful.
Apart from some serious rape cases by armed robbers, many girls get carried away to attract unscrupulous elements in the society to take advantage of them while some were not raped in the real sense of it; they just woke up and feel like setting a guy up for not giving them money hence, they accuse him of rape. And once you mention “RAPE”, nobody wants to hear the real story.
We need to start hearing the real stories, have patience for proper investigations before jumping at conclusions.

But we have had high profile cases of rape like the one involving Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA and the wife of Bisola Dakolo, do you consider that a set up too?
She had no case. She claimed she was at home and her sisters were upstairs, how did he successfully rape her and used Krest to clean her up? If she didnt enjoy it, why didnt she scream for her siblings to hear and come for her rescue?
He may have slept with her oo.. But she enjoyed it and with her consent at the time.

Most recently, several celebrities have been call out for rape, some of them are D’banj, Uti Nwachukwu, Lancelot Imasuen, Peruzzi, etc. what do you think?
Lets talk about Dbanj’s story. The lady said she was sleeping in her hotel room naked and she woke up by 5am and saw Dbanj molesting her. She said she suspected he collected a spare key from the receptionist and she left the hotel without confronting anybody, not report at least the hotel to the police for their nonchalant behaviour.
She decided to speak up now that she’s feeling the pains … She dey craze. The police need to investigate other cases carefully too.

Now do you consider that of the UNIBEN student that got killed after the alleged rape fake too?
The Uniben student’s case is different. That was rape and murder and the culprits, I mean every single person involved should pay for their sins to serve as a deterrent. I advocate Death penalty.

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